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Hezekiah age 5

Over two years ago I blogged about using our ipod for homeschooling.  In 2009, the use of the ipod for school is still going strong.

Hezekiah has just started first grade math and needed to learn to count by 10's. Jubilee's math book has her learning to count by 2's and 5's and Kalina's book has her learning to county by 9's. I searched itunes for skip counting songs and came up with this. It was the most palatable in my opinion, and my children enjoy it. My only complaint would be the "nines" song is in a techno-style that makes it difficult to even hear the numbers, so I ended up downloading this song as well. My children are divided on the "nines" song- they either love or hate it, but it's done a fabulous job of teaching Kalina to count by nines.

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I plan to download some Dr. Seuss audio books for Mordecai to use as he follows along looking at the words. Mordecai can learn almost anything if it's set to music.

Does anyone else out there use an ipod for school?

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  1. My children love to listen to mine, and I have one child in particular who would listen to anything audio all day long!! We’re desparately always looking for new things…please let us know what you find, especially anything good for a nine year old boy!

  2. Right now we are using it as a focusing technique for our daughter (6). She is highly distractable and it helps keep her on task for her handwriting assignments which are hard for her. We tried it for our 9 year old son and it did not work at all. One of our three older children has music on even when she is doing her college papers—it helps her focus.

  3. This is SUCH an amazing idea. I had no clue there was such out there.
    My kids LOVE music and I think this is right on.
    (a long time reader, but rarely a commenter) 🙂

  4. Ipods for learning is a favorite of ours, too. Check out the websites of the textbooks you like. Some have MP3’s you can download. Bedford St. Martin is one off the top of my head that we just downloaded.

  5. We found some homeschool CDs, they have states and capitals, mult, addition, subtraction, division and one on solar. I think it is hip hop, but very appropriate for christians. My kids knew states and capitals before they could read with these and when I introduced multiplication this year my son was surprised to know pretty much all the way through 9s!

  6. Go to They have songs for download related to maths, science, reading, social studies etc. You have to pay for the CD or digital version of it (for iPods) but you can preview the songs and see the lyrics. I am a teacher and have found some of these songs very helpful with the children I teach at school and with special needs children I tutor privately.

  7. We use the iPod mostly for audiobooks. We buy them at but we also “check out” some for free through our library’s website. We loved the feature in our Suburban that allows us to plug the iPod in and listen through the speakers. I have a waiting list of good books to listen to during every car ride.

  8. We use our mp3 players for audio books. Our library system has a lot of free downloadable books.
    Love the idea of the skip counting songs. My son is doing Shurley Grammar and there quite a few jingles. I might have to load those on.

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