It’s No Secret…

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…I love Mondays. I love getting my house back in order from the weekend. Getting back to our daily routine. A fresh start for a new week.

But sometimes Monday’s can be hectic.

Like yesterday.

Have I mentioned our dishwasher is broken? And my husband’s been sick? And Enoch’s new fish escaped from our aquarium?  Oh, and I have thirteen children?

Anyway, yesterday was one of those hectic days. As a result of a busy weekend, our house looked like it has been ransacked (wait a minute, I guess it had been ransacked…). And we had Cub Scouts. And Adalia and Tilly had Japanese class.

After breakfast and six loads of laundry, I told every one to get their math done, before we headed off for Cub Scouts.

During a moment of quiet, I decided now was the perfect time to sew a quick pencil roll for the new colored pencils I bought. I have made many of these rolls but never one out of felt. It went together quickly. I would have been done in twenty minutes had I not broke off a sewing machine needle in my finger. Thankfully a good half an inch was sticking out and my husband was able to remove it with his pliers.

Then the phone rang. Adalia informed my mom that I couldn’t talk on the phone because I had a broken needle sticking out my finger and daddy was pulling it out. My mom then asked Adalia if I was up to date on my tetanus (which I am).

Judah informed me that he learned in Boy Scouts I needed to “encourage it to bleed” to help wash out any germs. Oh, and he also knew how to remove a fish hook, would I like to hear?

Nine-year-old Enoch surveyed the situation, replaced the needle on my sewing machine and proceeded to finish sewing the lower half of the pencil roll, including the ribbon for tying. He brought it to me several minutes later, saying, “Look Mom, I finished it for you”.

While I was in the bathroom “encouraging it to bleed” Keziah walked by innocently asking me to sign something off in her math book. When she saw me squeezing my finger and the resulting blood dripping down the sink, she nearly screamed while she ran down the hall.

Then Tucker began to cry because he didn’t get to see the needle sticking out of my finger.

Oh, and I still needed to leave by 12:15 to get my girls dropped off and my boys to Cub Scouts.

After Cub Scouts, I had to pick up my girls, come home and fix dinner, and collapse on the couch in near exhaustion.

Then I realized I forgot to wish my dad a happy birthday, as I sat in his living room for fifteen minutes.

 So I called and we  talked dentistry for a while. Which led to my convoluted dreams later that night about going to my dentist…but I went to his office in his house instead of his regular building….and he didn’t have nitrous at his house…and my dad buying me a donkey with really bad hooves…and running into Nazis on the way.

Yeah, let’s just say it was a busy, hectic Monday.

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