Katie’s Cupcakes

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Yesterday we finally redeemed my children's coupons for Katie's Cupcakes. They earned them in our local library's Summer Reading Program and in true Baker's Dozen style, I waited until the last possible moment to take them in (they expired yesterday). I had a plan, honestly. I hoped for a weekend morning or afternoon to take just the children who earned the coupons (Tilly, Enoch, Kalina, Jubilee and Hezekiah). But alas, Chuck's been working like a madman, six days a week, so it just didn't happen.

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Oh, the excruciating task of selecting just the right cupcake…

So yesterday, after Apollo's first nap of the day, we abandoned our little homeschool and headed out for a pre-lunch snack of cupcakes.

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I called my parents and they met us there. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of them. My dad did make a comment about my picture taking. I tried to explain to him that it didn't actually happen if I didn't get photos…but I just I don't think he understands…

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This is what I had. Chocolate on chocolate. Yum…bring on the coffee. Please.

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Um yeah…Avi enjoyed her cupcake too.

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Ah, the residue of delight.

Maybe, just maybe we ought to call ahead before  our next visit. I'm thinking maybe an invasion of the Baker's Dozen is a few more customers than they're used to having all at once…

ETA: To the commenter who asked, all the children got a cupcake. And Grandma and Grandpa. And me. And they were delicious. The coffee was great too!

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3 thoughts on “Katie’s Cupcakes”

  1. I love that place – they even have gluten free! You make my mouth water and I guess I need to make another trip.

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