Large Family Homeschooling {Part 5} Books We Love

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Tilly, age 12

We read aloud every night that our schedule permits it…and we love it. We have enjoyed so many good books together over the years. Many are books Chuck and I loved as kids. Several are books my sixth-grade teacher read to us…Here they are, in no particular order:

* Tuck Everlasting * The Phantom Tollbooth * Rifles for Watie * Little House Series * Toughboy and Sister * Winter Camp * The Year of Miss Agnes * The Number Devil * Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland * Cheaper By the Dozen * Belles on Their Toes * A Day No Pigs Would Die * The Tale of Despereaux * Danger on Panther Peak *

Series my children love and recommend:

* 39 Clues * A Series of Unfortunate Events * Diary of a Wimpy Kid * Carol Marsh Mysteries * Usborne True Stories * Life of Fred * Magic Tree House * Ranger’s Apprentice 

Favorite authors:

Gordon Korman, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Eric Walters, Bill Wallace, Leslie Ludy, Karen Kingsbury, Joshua Harris

A few words of caution: I do not personally endorse all of these books/authors. Chuck has read the Rangers Apprentice books and deemed them acceptable. Cheaper by the Dozen has some very racist comments (which we discussed)…it is apparently an old enough book that the language was “acceptable” back then. Diary of a Wimpy Kid has been read with the understanding that if I hear any off-color language from the book used in our house, they will be gone.

Anyway, just a quick list was thrown together…Happy reading!



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5 thoughts on “Large Family Homeschooling {Part 5} Books We Love”

  1. Kind of daggy and old, but one I fell in LOVE with when an American exchange teacher read to my year 6 class: My Side of the Mountain. I still read it once every couple of years (she left it with me). I think your boys especially would love it. Haven’t read it for a few years….might go and get it out….

  2. Love your blog. Read it regularly. My kids read it. My kids think your kids are so adorable, as do i! 🙂 I’ve never left a comment, and thought it was high time I said “hello” and said “thank-you” for sharing bits & pieces of your life with me & my family. I forward links to my Mom (the knitter!!) so she can see how darling those little hats and sweet handknit items are. Your little Apollo is a couple months older than our little one. 🙂 We homeschool as well, so BRAVO on the HUGE amount of work you put in to answer all those questions and link so many products (I know that is very time consuming) I will be checking out some of them! 🙂

  3. Oh so many good ones, and a couple I will have to check out!
    Have you read any of the books by Dick King-Smith? They are great. My kids also loved the Mrs Piggle Wiggle books and some of our absolute all time favorites are the “Freddy” books by Walter R. Brooks, Freddie Goes to Florida being MY personal pick 😉 After we read some of them aloud we found them on tape/cd and the reader is soooo good (John McDonough) that my 15 and 16 year old boys still talk about the times stayed up and listened to them after all the other kids were asleep not so many years ago.
    PS: I am ordering my Kindle next week!!

  4. Hi Renee, I don’t comment often, but I do read often!
    Thank you for this series – we don’t homeschool, but are really interested in this approach and may decide to take it one day….in the meantime we do like to supplement with some fun educational things at home. I suppose in an unschooling kind of way e.g. using the HE Marshal Our Island Story, mental arithmetic, playing knights and soldiers(!) etc. Anyway, to get to the point 🙂 what would be your top recommendations to use in this way? We have three boys who love the outdoors, scouts, wildlife, and military history!

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