Large Family Meal Plans

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Day 1

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Day 1

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Day 2

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Day 2

I call these photos: Too Many Brothers.

Tucker (6) had a run in with Mordecai's head just as Jubilee's birthday party began. In the last picture (sorry for the blur it was taken on my phone and he didn't want to stay still) you can see the bruising extends down past his cheek bone. Chuck had him ice it immediately, and this is still what it looks like. Ow.

Today is day three, but since I he's still sleeping I don't have a photo of it yet. You know what I do have though? 



This is the black eye Tucker got on Christmas day, 2008 when he crashed into a table in the living room. And just look at that sweet brown eyed, curly haired toddler. Where did he go?


Here are this week's meal plans…planned by the lovely Adalia and Tilly…enjoy!

Monday- Lettuce Wraps and rice 

I made these lettuce wraps last week, but used chicken breasts. It worked out fine. About half my kids loved them. The other half will just have to learn to love them.

Tuesday- Chicken Curry, rice, veggies

Wednesday- Chicken and broccoli stir fry

Thursday- Thanksgiving

Friday- red beans and rice

And by the way…Pinterest has been inspiring all kinds of cooking in my house. Last week I made four recipes from my recipe board and we loved all of them. The others were: Beef Broccoli (seriously as good as any Chinese restaurant…only better because I know exactly what I put in it), sliced baked potatoes (well worth the slight extra effort) and Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups.

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  1. My kids really love the “egg, toast cups”. I have not made it with bacon (once with thin deli sliced ham) but mostly vegetarian. I would say that they are now the most favorite snack. Also, to cut down on how many eggs used, I will scramble 6 eggs in a bowl and pour an amount in the cups instead of a whole egg for each cup.

  2. Ech! When my kid has to walk around with bruises on his face (such as his recent tumble down the stairs) I always feel the need to explain what happened to every single passer-by!

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