Freezer Meals for a Large Family

Freezer Meals for the Large Family

It’s no secret, I don’t like to cook. I have found however that a family of twelve requires a lot of food and that food in general requires cooking. This is also one area where I get a lot of questions from people, so here is my basic game plan for making freezer meals for a large family.







It all begins with this clipboard hanging in my pantry. Clipped to it are three separate shopping lists. One for Wal-Mart, one for Costco and one for Cash&Carry (a restaurant supply store). When I am running low on something on my preprinted list I highlight it (except for this month. My toddlers ruined all of the highlighters so I had to just underline and circle…and add highlighters to the list).

I go to Costco once a month and Cash&Carry about every six weeks. On my trip to Costco I fill two shopping carts heaping full (I take one of my big kids to push the second cart). While shopping at Costco I buy the ingredients to prepare anywhere from 2-4 of the  recipes from Fix Freeze Feast. These are large batch recipes that make 3-4 entrees each.







At home everyone pitches in to help put the groceries together. While I have been shopping Chuck and the children at home have cleared off all of the counters…

As I am supervising and putting groceries away, I begin preparing my entrees from Fix Freeze Feast. This month I bought the ingredients for: Chicken Curry (a family favorite) which we serve over rice and a new recipe for me, Peanut Satay. These two were prepared and packaged as groceries were put away.

I already had on hand the ingredients to make the big batch of Italian Red Sauce which I will make on Monday. On Monday I will also assemble two pans of lasagna to  go in the freezer.







Does this sound like a lot of work? Think about this for a moment. I just did a month’s worth of shopping for twelve people and now have six entrees in my freezer. Monday I will have two more entrees, plus several batches of Italian red sauce.

I also have sitting in my freezer, from last month’s shopping, one batch of beef for fajitas and  two batches of Ginger Beef. Not bad. These meals, made ahead, are what feeds my family and helps me keep my sanity.







I remember the first time I mentioned batch cooking to Chuck. We had been married about a year and my mom had given me a copy of Once a Month Cooking. Chuck said to me, “Is it really that difficult to make dinner fresh every night?” Remember, we had only been married a year. He knows better than to say something like that to me now 🙂 Chuck had visions of endless casseroles and mystery meats. Long story short, I never did a months worth of cooking out of that book, but loved the idea. I have found this method of freezer cooking works amazingly well for my large family.

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  2. Great post! I stopped by while browsing freezer meal ideas for large families to help bless a sweet friend and her husband who are soon welcoming their 7th little one, and I just had to laugh at the toddler ruining your highlighters-we can SO relate! Our littlest guy is known as the “Silent Marker Assassin”. Nobody ever sees him do it, but he somehow manages to bite the tips off of all the markers he gets a hold of, put the lids back on, but them back into the boxes, and then big brother and sister get surprised when they use them and find no marker tip to color with! Fun times, this life with littles :).

    1. Ah, a real first world problem right there. I love your nickname for you little boy! I hope you found some useful information.

  3. Thank you! We just took in a family of 6 and our little 3 bedroom house now holds 12 people and we all do dinner together regularly. I only have a monthly shopping budged of 300 so I’m trying to figure out where I can. We split meals so I only need to cover about half but they buy a lot of processed food which makes it hard for me to find something to make. Step by step.

    1. I am so glad this post helped! I will likely do a new one once the kids are back in school. I really need to restock my freezer.

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