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Large Family Photos

You might notice the new header. Isn’t it awesome?

What happened to my stairstep kids??? Now it’s more like a walk on a gravel road…

When I realized Adalia and Judah would be home at the same time I hoped to arrange family photos. Unfortunately organizing 16 people (5 of whom are adults who have moved away) is nearly impossible. I quickly realized there was no way to get all 16 of us in a photo, but hoped for 13 of us…but that wasn’t to be either.

But that’s okay.

I ended up with 11 kids in a photo. And I love it.

Large family photos...not easy but so worth it!

I did tell everyone that, weather permitting, Sunday afternoon was LARGE FAMILY PHOTO day.

And it worked.

The weather held, we have enough flannel and hoodies to go around…the girls only spent an hour or so getting ready.


Large family photos, not easy but so worth the effort!

Five out of six of our beautiful girls! Ages 21, 18, 16,14 and 11.

Six out of eight handsome boys. Ages 19, 17, 14, 12, 11 and 6.

You have no idea how many tries it took me to get this. No head swaps, cause ain’t nobody got time for that. You insist on acting goofy? Well, you might just look goofy in the photos.

Large family photos...not easy but so worth it!

Boys…gotta love ’em!

Large family photos...not easy but so worth it! Large family photos...not easy but so worth it!

Judah said, “hey look, awkward family photos!”

Bonus points if you can spot all six boys.

Large family photos...not easy but so worth it!

And here’s a heartwarming photo…firstborn and last born.*

The one who made me a mother and the one who permanently closed the baby-making factory.

*It’s always awkward to phrase that because while she is my firstborn, she isn’t oldest. What can I say? Adoption is complicated. 

Firstborn son and last born son.*

*see asterisk above

Okay friends, I am having a fabulous time with my adult daughter so this space might be quiet for a bit. I have more photos from Sunday and will be updating the Meet the Kids page over the next few days.

Here’s to large families…they really are the best!

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  1. First born son and last born son are inseparable it seems.
    Awesome pics.Yes i found all 6boys!Only after you mentioned it though!!

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