Sometimes Life Gets Busy

^^^ This is how I feel right now ^^^

And that is Tucker, by the way. Not Apollo.

Let me just give you glimpse into a day in my life.

6 am Alarm goes off, I start the coffee

6:15 I get Jubilee and Hezekiah up

6:30 Wake son with autism.

6:45 Wake son with autism.

7 am ABA therapist comes and attempts to get son with autism out bed.

7:10 Hezekiah and Jubilee get on the bus.

7:30 If the therapist is successful in getting son up, I drive him to school.

Meanwhile, I make breakfast for Apollo and myself.

8:40 Avi and Tucker get on the bus.

If it is a school day for Apollo (Mondays and Wednesdays) I pack him a lunch and pick up his friend, Indi, and drive them to school.

Yesterday was Thursday, and Chuck and I had an appointment at 10:30 am. We dropped off Apollo and his brother at my parents’ house and went to the meeting.

One member was 30 minutes late which put us behind schedule.

11:45 meeting is over. I needed to be home for a phone conference at 12 pm. Chuck drove me home, I handled my call. Chuck headed back into town to pick up the boys. He arrived home at 1:20.

1:20 I had a parent/teacher conference. Yes, I was late.

Chuck had a 1:45 appointment. He was probably late too.

5:00 pm Drop Jubilee off to babysit

5:30 ABA therapist comes back for evening session

6:30 Send Kalina to pick up Jubilee

7:30 Read Apollo a chapter out of Percy Jackson. Some people meditate to relax. I read Greek myths out loud to torture myself.

8 pm Send Chuck to pick up Hezekiah from play practice.

Yes, yesterday was worse than most days. Yes, I felt my brain was going to explode from switching gears so quickly. Yes, I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

And yes, I’ll be back to my regular blogging schedule soon.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Gets Busy”

  1. Tanya Redfield

    How DO you keep all that straight? I have 2 kids left at home. Just 2. And this morning I forgot it was “breakfast with your kid” morning. Fortunately we are close to the school, so said kid ran home and got me.
    I guess, back in the day with a younger mind, I was better at juggling it all and keeping it all straight, even though there was more chaos. I think. I really can’t remember….

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