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  1. Danielle Wakefield

    Hi! ­čÖé My name is Danielle Wakefield and I live in Anchorage. Lisa Meyer gave me your info. We seem to have a lot in common. I attend MCA, have homebirths, and am a birth and newborn photographer and I also have a little boy who is 21 months old who recently saw Dr. Redding from Seattle Childrens. Just yesterday he said 90% chance of vascular ring, and that’s our best case scenerio (how is a heart defect that requires heart surgery the BEST case??). We’re having our Barium swallow on Monday. When I read your post about how you were releived that something was wrong I totally identified. I’m so scared we’re going to go and they’re going to say he’s fine. When I KNOW he’s not. They aren’t there when he stops breathing at night and turns blue, or when he throws up all his food because he can’t breath or swallow.

    Like you I’ve known my baby was very very sick since he was born. But doctors dismissed me because he was gaining weight like a champ. But no baby coughs non stop starting at 12 hours old…we were in and out of the hospital for respitory issues. It was always labeled “severe asthma” and we were sent home to our nebulizer. No one could argue that he had severe respitory issues but no one wanted to do anything other than prescribe us asthma drugs. Finally after 4 months of him throwing up daily our doctor refered us to Dr. Redding. Who took one look at him and said he was much sicker than all the other children he’d seen that day. That we were lucky he’d made it through the last 2 years with all of his apnea spells and breathing/feeding issues.

    I wanted to write you because it could be nice having a fellow parent in the same position. I’m praying for your little Apollo and will be following your blog so I will know what to expect when we fly down in March for our surgery.

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