love on a mission


Love on a Mission is the story of how Chuck and I met and fell in love on a Teen Missions team. 

Part 1

“He admitted later that I irritated him from the first moment we met. The first problem was my overbearing grandma who arrived at The Lord’s Boot Camp with me…”

Part 2

“Hey Chuck,” I yelled. “Do you really want to have ten kids?”

Part 3

“And it probably would have been okay if the bats didn’t discover hanging under the toilet seat part of the latrine to be an even better resting spot…”

Part 4

“I was alone again in the jungle. My heart was still racing. I spent the rest of the night in a state of fear and in the morning our leaders decided to move my sick tent back to the circle of girls’ tents.”

Part 5

“There’s something. In. My.  Underwear” she whispered, her voice choked with emotion.”

Part 6

“I didn’t want to seem too eager to Chuck, so on the plane, I promised myself I would wait a full week before I sent him a letter.”

Part 7

“My grandma may have had no idea who Frank was, but I had been writing to him since long before my jungle  adventure.”

Part 8

“A few weeks later I stood in the airport, frozen with excitement and nerves. Today was the day. Chuck was coming to visit.”

Part 9

“Oh no,” I thought. “He’s crazy. He just got here. We haven’t even been out on a date!. He’s a stalker. He’s not going to leave me alone. How and I going to get away from him?”

Part 10

Oh man, this was awkward. Really awkward. How was I even going to say it? We hadn’t even kissed yet.

Chuck,” I said nervously.  “There’s something I need to tell you.

Part 11

This conversation probably wouldn’t have been awkward at all if we had been dating. But we hadn’t been. In less than a week, we had gone from friends to engaged. Things were moving fast (in some ways…he still hadn’t kissed me!)

Part 12

The plane began it’s decent and the stewardess collected my coffee…I feel the plane shudder as the landing gear came down. I could see the lights illuminating the city below. It was game time.

Part 13

On the plane, I stared out the window. I had a book with me but couldn’t read. I sipped my coffee listlessly and nibbled in the brownies Chuck’s mom had given me. Suddenly the loudspeaker came on and the flight attended announced, “I have a message for passenger Renee”…

Part 14

But first I need to shake this darn sickness…





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