Keziah, Ezra, and Boaz were adopted from Liberia in 2007.

All three have moved out of the house and are living here in Washington.

Keziah and Boaz work for Alaska Airlines and Ezra works in a mill. All three are thriving as independent adults.

Meet the Kids: Adalia

Adalia is our firstborn, our honeymoon baby, born in 1996.

[pronounced AD-uh-lie]

She was born in Alaska and has always been wild, active, and adventurous. Adalia spent the summer of 2011 in Honduras with Teen Missions International where she met her future husband. She trained at Bastyr University as a birth doula at age 14 and attended 7 births before moving to New Zealand in 2014 with Kiwi husband Ben. She is now the proud mama of our grandson, Percival.

Percival Darcy, our first grandson, was born in 2017.

Judah is off to WSP Academy as a State Patrol Cadet

Judah was born in Alaska in 1997.

The summer of 2013 he spent in Zambia with Teen Missions International and the summer of 2014 he spent in Guatemala. Judah graduated from high school and completed two years of community college by age 17.

Judah loves running, reading, drawing, and soccer. He graduated from Central Washington University in 2017 and is currently a cadet at the Washington State Patrol Academy.

Large family life on a large family blog.

Tilly was born in British Columbia, Canada in 1998 and has dual citizenship.

Tilly was our first baby born at home. She spent two weeks in Colombia in October 2013 helping teach local women to knit and crochet. She spent the summer of 2014 in Malawi drilling a well to provide fresh water to a remote village. Tilly is a talented photographer who blogs sporadically over at The Canadian American Kiwi. Tilly married Jared in 2017 and lives in New Zealand. They are expecting their first baby in June 2019.

Happy 18th birthday, Enoch.

Enoch was born in Washington in 2000.

Enoch was our first baby born in Washington state. He is an Eagle Scout and graduated from high school and community college in June 2018. Enoch enjoys reading, running and biking. He spent the summer of 2015 with Teen Missions in Tanzania, East Africa. He is currently studying Business Leadership and Management at Central Washington University.

Kalina senior photos

Kalina was born in 2001.

She holds the proud distinction of being our only blue-eyed child. Kalina loves reading, swimming, writing poetry and playing the ukulele. Kalina was diagnosed with unilateral hearing loss at age 12 and wears a hearing aid. She spent the summer of 2017 on a mission trip to Peru and the summer of 2018 drilling wells in Zambia.

Mordecai loves to cuddle up with his kitten Esme.

Mordecai was born in 2002 with amniotic band syndrome.

He was the first child we adopted and joined our family at 4 weeks old. He loves anime, pasta and anything electronic. Mordecai is a talented artist and an amazing LEGO designer.

Pacific Northwest family photos.

Jubilee was also born 2002.

She was born just seven weeks after Mordecai joined our family. They have grown up as “twins.” Jubilee dislikes math, school, and cheerful smiles in the morning. Hezekiah large family blog

Hezekiah was born in 2004.

He is an old soul and a thinker. He plays the clarinet in the school band and enjoys cross country. You are likely to find him off by himself absorbed in a book, drawing designs for a spacecraft, or building with LEGO.

Summer days captured by Bellingham photographer.

Avi was born in 2005.

She was joined our family when she was just 3 days old. Her claim to fame is having been born in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Avi is loud, vivacious and full of personality! She is obsessed with pigs and is loving junior high.

 Tucker large family blog

Tucker was born in 2005.

He was born just 3 1/2 months after Avi joined our family. They are our second set of “twins.” Tucker is loud and wild and loves playing with LEGO. He excels academically and loves sports.

This is eight.

Apollo XIV was born in 2010.
Apollo was delivered by emergency c-section after I experienced a cord prolapse at home. He was born with a double aortic arch, a rare congenital heart defect, which was repaired in March 2012. Apollo has had seven surgeries and had a feeding tube for 4 1/2 years. He enjoys playing with LEGO, baking, and reading. Some of his favorite books include The Hobbit, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter.



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