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I walked into my bedroom the other day and found Mordecai had set up his own baby photo shoot. 

* camera- check
* assistant (s)- check
* bean bag for positioning baby- check
* willing model- check
*permission from mom to be in room- no
* permission from mom to use beanbag strictly reserved for baby shoots- no

IMG_4877_3857 blog

* adorable face and charming personality- check

IMG_4881_3858 blog

And for those of you who think we're crazy for having so many children…just look at that crowd of faces in this photo.

 It's a good life.
Edited to add:  This is the play camera I blogged about before. NOONE is allowed to touch my camera. Mainly because we couldn't afford to replace/repair it if it got damaged. That is an actual camera he is holding, but it has no film, batteries, etc. It happens to be the number one toy at the moment. 

And Kate, chances are Avi was in the room, just not fitting into the photo.
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  1. Kate Alva

    Oh, how AWESOME is that last pic with most of your littles!!!!!! Um, was Avi not invited to this particular party, or does she just avoid your bedroom like the plague now? Yes, your life is good…

  2. Kate Alva

    Oh, and it seems like your kids are firmly of the ‘beg forgiveness over ask permission’ school of thought. Mordecai looks really professional! Was he really taking shots? Can we see them?

  3. Shannon

    Funny how kids imitate their parents. That group shot is wonderful. You should try to stuff all the kids in your room and take a pic from that angle. I bet you would see nothing but faces with no walls, etc.

  4. Jo Abair

    Um, is that really your bed? I ask ONLY bc it seems a bit smallish due the assumed statistical number of smallish people who might wander in to your room at night. Of course not all kids do that, mine did though they didnt sleep with me but we struggled with 2 in a double bed! I dont mean yours is a double, I simply cannot tell.
    (if its rude to say, “is that your bed” then I ask forgivness… just curious!)

  5. Julie

    Your children are a blessing. Don’t listen to anyone who says you have to many.
    Their faces truly are beautiful!

  6. Sarah A (formerly Taron)

    Renee, I cannot believe how big Mordecai (and the rest of your children) is! It doesn’t seem like all that long ago since you got him and Laura and I were watching the kids!
    I am on bedrest for the next ten days and due to have our first baby in five weeks. Now that I am being forced to sit still I have become one of your readers again. Thanks for your regular and ever-fun posts!
    Once we have our little one (Claire Renee) we will have to come visit so you can meet my husband. I talk about your family all the time even though I haven’t seen you in such a long while.

  7. Amanda

    Haha! These are great! Looks like your beanbag could use some fill. They’re never full enough when you get them at the store. I got a huge bag of beans at Shopko that I use to fill ‘er up every so often.

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