portrait with dramatic lighting

Using Natural Light to Create Beautiful Images

Sometimes our very favorite photos come from surprising places. Some friends were visiting recently and we got to discussing photography. I saw the kids playing, gathered around our LEGO table and decided to take a few photos. I had my 100 mm macro lens on, so I took a few shots…

Using lightroom and photoshop to edit photos

I took this picture of Mordecai while he focused on his building. The light was streaming in on him, his face was relaxed…as soon as I saw it, I knew it’s potential.

Literally five minutes after opening the image on my computer, I had this:

portrait with dramatic lighting


What drew me to the next photo was the way the natural light from the window fell on his face…Using only window light can sometimes create striking portraits.

So into Lightroom and Photoshop it went…

Beautiful black and white images are all about lightingA little painting and blending here and there, and I had a beautiful image of Mordecai. No amount of posing his would have gotten this genuine expression. I am in love with the final image.

Using my 100 mm lens meant I could take pictures without my children being aware of the  camera

Lifestyle images are all about capturing what is happening right now.This last weekend was PhotoLush, our local photographer’s conference. It was a great time of meeting new people and connecting (in person instead of online) with a whole lot of local photographers. It is always inspiring to see other people’s photography and expand my own vision for growing my business as well as personal projects. 


How was your weekend? I would say that mine was great but I am suffering from a cold or sinus infection that has made me miserable, but not affected anyone else in my family…


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