The Perfect New Mom Gift Basket

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I became a mom at age twenty to the most beautiful baby in the world (see pictures for verification).

I knew a lot because I read a lot. My two favorite books were The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and Spiritual Midwifery. I knew all about natural childbirth and breastfeeding (and while I am a huge believer in educating ourselves, lets face it,  reading about childbirth and breastfeeding is a bit like learning to swim by watching the Olympics and reading a how-to manual.

Twenty years of parenting, nine births and breastfeeding eleven babies has taught me a lot. Here are just a few.

How to pack the perfect new mom gift basket.

1. Enjoy your baby.

I know you love your baby, but make sure you enjoy him or her too!It is very hard to break or ruin a baby. Remember tomorrow is a new day (even if it comes to soon) and you can always start over. Schedule now working? Be more flexible tomorrow.  To much chaos? Dont be afraid to come up with a  routine and give it a try. I held Adalia almost constantly during her first days and weeks. I do not regret a single moment of that time.

How to pack the perfect new mom gift basket.

2. Babies are born with their temperament.

I know with my first I was convinced I would be able to mold and shape this little human into the baby of my dreams. I would tuck her into her cute baby carrier, she would sleep with us and breastfeed for at least a year. I wasn’t going to be one of those moms who tiptoed around whispering during nap time. I was going to be the mom who carried on, cooking, cleaning and vacuuming while my little cherub napped. Too bad my baby was the worst sleeper ever. Vacuum while she slept? I was just so relieved when she fell asleep I would have thrown a silent party (were I not too tired to move). Eventually, I would have more babies. Some were even happy, calm and accommodating. One or two even loved to sleep! But after Adalia I was no longer under the impression I could  “make” my baby do much of anything.

3. Don’t be afraid to be flexible and change course.

I just knew our baby would love to snuggle up close and sleep peacefully with us every night. What baby wouldn’t want to be snuggled in between her parents? Our baby, apparently. By the time Adalia was four months old, she preferred to sleep alone, in her crib, in the other room. And she wanted to be held, bounced, jiggled and entertained during every waking moment.

4. Ask for help

I really, really hate that in our culture women are supposed to give birth and resume normal life, work and caring for a home almost immediately. The more babies I had the more ludicrous it seemed. When I look back at my early mothering, I wish I would have asked for more help. I felt like I had something not prove, since we had babies so young. I was reluctant to ask for help. Now? I admire the moms I see who ask for help. Whether is help catching up on laundry or asking someone to hold the baby while you nap. We weren’t meant to parent alone. Their is no weakness in asking for help. 

5. Take care of yourself.

Name when the baby naps, they said. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wired to sleep for 45 minutes every hour and a half. Adalia was so demanding that there was very little work accomplished while she was awake. If you can nap when the baby naps, great! If you can’t ask for help (see #4).

As a birth photographer I spend time with a lot of new moms. I love packing gift baskets for my friends and clients. Here are my favorite ideas of the perfect new mom gift basket.

How to pack the perfect new mom gift basket.

Ideas for the Perfect New Mother Gift Basket:


You can never have too many diapers. For this basket I purchased Huggies Little Snugglers Plus (only available at Costco). I chose these diapers because they are affordable, soft and absorbent with Leak Lock® to keep the baby dry for up to 12 hours (perfect for overnight). Not that I have ever had a baby sleep 12 hours, but a girl can dream, right???

[*Beginning in August Little Snugglers Plus will also be available in newborn size. (Sizes 1 & 2) – $37.49, $31.49 after $6 discount and Free shipping (this offer valid 9/1 to 9/25)]How to pack the perfect new mom gift basket.

2. Lasinoh. 

If the mom is breastfeeding, please include this! It is Magical Breastfeeding Cream that will make things easier for both mom and baby.

3. Tea

If the mom is breastfeeding, I include Mother’s Milk, if not I  throw in a few bags of mint, peppermint or chamomile. Something relaxing to enjoy in the evenings or during nap time. 

How to pack the perfect new mom gift basket.

4. High protein snacks. 

It can be so hard to eat anything when you are anew mom, especially those few days and weeks home alone. I like to include high protein snacks like: jerky, trail mix or breakfast cookies. Quick, prepackaged foods that mom can eat while feeding her baby.

How to pack the perfect new mom gift basket.

5. A sweet treat for mom

I usually include some form of chocolate, or fruit leather. Something for the mom’s sweet tooth.

6. Book or DVD

I often include a DVD about babies, or a book (for mom to read while breastfeeding) or notebook (for all those milestones). And if I’m really ambitious, I’ll have knit a teeny-tiny baby vest

What did you really need as a new mom? Any suggestions to add to the gift basket?

* Only available at Costco


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  1. I really needed my breastfeeding advocate friends to tell me that being miserable for weeks, months, wasn’t okay in the name of ideal nutrition. I really didn’t enjoy my baby till we switched to formula and donor milk and she was getting enough to eat. So I try to be that voice for friends who are struggling because it would have been the world to me then.

    I also *knew* my baby wasn’t getting enough to eat but people kind of patted me on the head about it and reassurance (despite her not growing ). So I also tell new mom’s to trust their instincts. As a second time mom that’s easy but with my first? I tried to obey the experts. Who knew nothing about my individual child.

    • YUP, I felt the same way.. I did not have the issues you had.. but BOY if I did not “stick with the program ” the breastfeeding Mom’s were not happy with me.. My mom gave the me the greatest advice.that she said she was told by her OB back in the day, ” you do what you feel is right.. you are the one that is walking the floor with that little one all night not these other people”

      Renee your gift is wonderful.. the only thing I would change is the diapers..Neither of my kids could use them, we could only use pampers or cloth. they both broke out in hives from Huggies the one time I bought them.

      Sue in NJ

      • That OB’s advice was wonderful! I am the first to say that what works for one family does not necessarily work for another family.

    • I agree! And as strongly as I believe in breastfeeding, it doesn’t work for everyone. I too suspect Apollo wasn’t getting enough to eat, but didn’t want to be told to supplement. Every single breastfeeding group/ FB page, etc said not to worry about slow weight gain. “The doctors will just tell you to supplement and it will affect your supply”…okay…or maybe he had a heart defect and needed serious medical intervention.

  2. Great list for new moms and experience moms alike! #client

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