Another one Flies the Coop {New Zealand Working Holiday Visa}

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Traveling to New Zealand on a working holiday visa.

Artist Point, Mt. Baker

I am thrilled to announce that Tilly is soon to head off on a new adventure. She has already been to Colombia and helped drill a well in Malawi. She graduated with her high school diploma and Associate of Arts degree at age seventeen. She turned eighteen earlier this month and is now headed to New Zealand…not for a two-week vacation but for six months!

Traveling to New Zealand on a working holiday visa.

Tilly applied for a received a Working Holiday Visa. She will be able to live and work in the country. She will be staying with BEN! and Adalia. While I will miss her  terribly, I am so excited for her newest adventure. And, if I’m honest, if feels good to send Adalia one of her sisters. If I have  one daughter in New Zealand, why not two? I at least know they have each other. Tilly hasn’t seen Adalia in over two years, so I am sure it will be a happy joy-filled reunion!

Yes, we are mighty proud of this girl and can’t wait to see what her next adventure holds.

I have written before about The Art of Letting Go and why we chose to send our 15 year old to New Zealand alone to visit her sister. It honestly gets easier with more children. Not because we care less or are too busy to notice, but we have now gained twenty years experience in parenting. We know that some things are Big Issues and something things are Small Issues. I am working on a post right now about raising teens in our current culture. I feel like things have changed so much in even the last seven years (since Adalia turned 13). If you have any insight or topics you’d like me to address in that post, be sure and leave a comment.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Anna

    I’m looking forward to the teen post. I raised two teens that graduated from high school in 2005 and 2007. Back then we had dial up internet and no cell phones (at least OUR family had no cell phones). We had to monitor My Space and email for our girls. Things are so different now, nine short years later.

  2. Julie

    This is so exciting! What a fabulous opportunity! I know you’ll miss her, but you’re so right about the sisters being together ;D

  3. Pearl

    I’m sure she is going to love this country! And she arrives just as spring is starting!

    • Renee

      Yes, she’s going directly from summer, will spend spring and summer in NZ and then come back to SPRING! Lucky girl.

  4. Jess Guest

    Yay for Tilly, what an adventure! I’d be interested in your thoughts on tech/phones/social media. My oldest just turned 13 so we are on the cusp….

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