Do You Realize…

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that school starts in just a little over three weeks? This little guy is very excited…and this mom is starting to sweat. Now granted, we homeschool, and in Washington state that means I can start whenever I want. I have … Continued

Dramatic Photography

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A few weeks ago my photographer friend, Emily Weaver Brown, asked if I would like to assist her with an upcoming twin shoot. Of course I was thrilled at the oppurtunity and Chuck encouraged me to go, knowing how much … Continued

So Thankful

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Please note: I am experiencing technical diffiuculties and Typepad is cutting off some of my photos. Please bear with me until I get it figured out. For the life I live. Raising my children will my hardworking husband. Yesterday the children and I spent all  day at the beach with friends. We laughed and joked and splashed and  talked. It started out … Continued

It’s Hard to be an Avi

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Avi, age 4 Remember Avi's ten minutes of terror, when she was locked in a bedroom…with me? And she screamed and yelled and clawed at the walls, climbing straight up and threatening "I'm gonna jump, I'm gonna jump"? Well, Avi … Continued

First Annual Birthday Bash

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Just some friendly faces. My friend Ruth, who has eleven children, started a new tradition this year. Instead of individual birthday parties, they had one huge party with games, a carnival, barbecue and tons of  friends.  Thanks Ruth, and see … Continued

Summer Days and Friends

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Collin (11) and Judah (12) Are these two guys cute, or what? Both boys are Civil War buffs, love WWII and are great buddies. You better lock this one up, Nikki, he's gonna break some hearts. And I'll keep an … Continued

Another Interesting Day

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But then again, aren’t all my days interesting? Tucker (3), me (33), Avi (4) and Hezekiah (5) After spending a glorious morning/afternoon chillin’ in my friend’s pool… Ezra (upside down) Boaz watching And watching my children attain new heights of … Continued

My Kids Are All American

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Keziah, Boaz and Ezra holding their proof of U.S. citizenship papers! It has been three years and five months since we began the adoption process for these three children. It took twenty months for them to come home, six months … Continued

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