A Little Imaginative Play

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Darth Grave and Anakin fight…now, none of my children have ever seen a Star Wars movie, new or old. All of their Star Wars information comes from the Star Wars Lego Gameboy game and friends.  When I asked Enoch if … Continued

The Only Thing Cuter…

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Than a six year old missing his two front teeth… Is TWO six year olds missing their front teeth. Seriously, how cute is this?  These two are twins in all the ways that matter: same age closeness nursed by the same mama losing their teeth in synch both having their adenoids removed. Oh yeah. … Continued

The Shelter

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Have your children ever built a bomb shelter  in your backyard? Hmm…I kinda didn't think so. We actually had several in our backyard, but the others were *ahem* dismantled by the "little kids" before I had a chance to photograph them. … Continued

Solid Rock Family Camp 2009

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Here is this year's group of campers. Unfortunately, we didn't think to take a camp photo until just before everyone was leaving. Hence the dirty faces, exhausted children and missing camp shirts. But hey, we got a photo, and everyone's … Continued

Just Popping In…

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…to let you know we survived day one of camp. I actually wasn't needed down in the tents, so I slept on the floor of  the girls' room. I'm the first one up in here and I just got the … Continued

Canon Customer Service

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Wool felted cat created by Adalia Amazing…remember Wednesday's blog post about Canon? About how the woman just got my information the day before and needed time to review it (and that's the same line she gave me the week before)? … Continued

Making Friends

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Jubilee 6, Clara 7 Clara's family goes to our church. I remember when Clara was born, 7 years ago, but her family moved shortly after so her dad could attend seminary down in California. This last year, thoroughly pastored-up, they … Continued

Public Opinion Poll

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Warning: This post is about to written by a very disgruntled Canon custom. If you don't want to read about my horrible Canon Customer Service experience, skip this post. For those of you interested in reading, here's a cute picture … Continued

Been Crazy-Busy

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Getting ready for this. Remember Solid Rock Family Camp last year? Well, Hilary and I (and a few friends) decided to attempt it again this year. We had several moms volunteer to help this year (last year we had no … Continued

Mordecai the Photographer

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I walked into my bedroom the other day and found Mordecai had set up his own baby photo shoot.  * camera- check * assistant (s)- check * bean bag for positioning baby- check * willing model- check *permission from mom … Continued

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