More Fun With Stitches

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Oh, don't worry, not more stitches. Just more fun with the current ones. So, I came home from Avi's appointment for stitches last week a little unhappy. I ranted a bit on my blog…then deleted the rantings and posted a … Continued

Summer Days

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Mr. Safety a.k.a Hezekiah, ready to enter the pool. As amusing as I found this, all this gear made him confident enough to swim around the pool alone.  And to eventually do this. Way to go, Hezzy! Boaz as usual, … Continued


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Mordecai, 6 Has arrived. And we're off for our first day of swimming. Have a good one. Facebook Comments

Narnia at Last

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Enoch, 9 Friday was our big Narnia party. And in keeping with the spirit of the books, I surprised my children with the party (after all, you never know when you'll be called to Narnia!) My children knew the party … Continued

Reflections on Stitches

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Tucker, 3 1/2 Half a day after our latest bout with stitches…I woke up in the middle of the night to a child in my bed. It was dark so I felt around until I felt masses of matted, clumpy … Continued

Morning Drama

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I just returned from taking this little one to get her head stitched up. This stuff always comes out of nowhere in our house…really. Hilary and her crew came over today for some quick pics for a project she's working … Continued

Actual Rafting Photos

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Taken by my friend Bridget…who has a camera and lens that work! Everyone should have a friend like that.     Boaz, 14   Ezra, 17 Judah, 11 And that’s the end of the rafting trip photos. I promise 🙂 … Continued

Wenatchee River Rafting Pt. 2

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Our Boy Scouts were busy almost every minute. When we arrived they set up their campsites, were responsible for all their own cooking, stayed up late around the campfire on Friday,  went on a six mile hike on Saturday and … Continued