Morning Drama

I just returned from taking this little one to get her head stitched up. This stuff always comes out of nowhere in our house…really. Hilary and her crew came over today for some quick pics for a project she's working on…while they were still here, we heard blood-curdling screams from the living room. Of course, …

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Actual Rafting Photos

Taken by my friend Bridget…who has a camera and lens that work! Everyone should have a friend like that.     Boaz, 14   Ezra, 17 Judah, 11 And that’s the end of the rafting trip photos. I promise 🙂 Facebook Comments

Little Visitors

Our little visitors are growing and changing. Soon they'll be moving on to seek their fortune.  It's so hard to imagine how a creature this small (smaller than quarter) can survive in the big world out there. But I suppose it's the size that gives them their advantage. You could sit right next to this …

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That's how old Boaz turned yesterday. It's amazing how fast they grow up when you adopt them as teenagers. Boaz has an awesome sunny, happy personality. He has a smile that lights up a room as he  walks in. He's one of those kids that people can't help but like.  Oh, and I wasn't trying …

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Monday night was Enoch and Mordecai's big crossover meeting for Cub Scouts. Crossover is when the boys "crossover"  to their new level in scouts.  Enoch crossed over from Bear to Webelos. Mordecai went from Tiger to Wolf. Enoch is very excited to be in Webelos (stands for We'll Be Loyal Scouts). It's the transition year …

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