Pi Day Celebration!

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Don’t forget, a week from today is Pi Day! This was originally posted in 2013, but I thought I would update and share it again in case you want to host your own Pi Day Party!

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Host your own Pi Day celebrationHost your own amazing pi day celebration

Last year when Pi Day arrived (3.14) I was disappointed that we wouldn’t get to celebrate it (Apollo was one week post-surgery) and determined to do it this year. Well,  I could never have foreseen the medical roller coaster we would still be on. Monday I had this short fantasy in which I threw an elaborate Pi Day party, filled with games, activities, friends and tons of learning.


Then I remembered the sleep-deprived, sluggish, tube-fed life I actually live and decided to just go for it. Forget perfection. Forget weeks of planning. Just get the darn thing done. I have this horrible habit of scheming up BIG ideas and never turning them into reality because I want to do it just right. It’s not like the kids were going to be disappointed that I didn’t provide more math pages…

Host your own amazing pi day celebration

So the homeschooled kids and I threw together a few math themed snacks and grabbed a few fun math books from the library. Kalina baked these lovely Pi Pretzels. We set up a little display on the counter as a surprise for the younger kids when they got home from school.

Host your own amazing pi day celebration

This was literally the look on Avi’s face when she say the Marie Callender’s Turtle Pie I bought for the occasion. Host your own amazing pi day celebration

This pie was really, really good.  It had chocolate cream, drizzled with caramel, sprinkled with pecan pieces and chocolate shavings and surrounded by whip cream. It was so rich, half a piece was enough for me.

Host your own amazing pi day celebration

Tilly was our official First-Taster….and she heartily approved.

Host your own amazing pi day celebration

Homemade crepes and chocolate spread. Host your own amazing pi day celebration

Apollo spied the green olives. The only part of the meal he would actually eat.

Host your own amazing pi day celebration

One fun game we played was to have the kids sit in the living room. I started a  stopwatch and asked them to stand up when they thought three minutes and fourteen seconds had passed. They were all amazed how long it actually was.

I read them math books while they ate their snack (which was actually an early dinner). The kids were thrilled with their after school surprise and I was happy to have made them smile.

And to eat really good pie.

Host your own amazing pi day celebration

And no Pi Day post would be complete without Hezekiah’s Pi Hat!


If you’re looking for a little inspiration, you may want to check out these links:

Sugar Bee Crafts has a ton of inspiring Pi Day activities!

My Pi Pinterest board is full of fun pi pins.

Why Pi? Looks like a fun kids book on why we have pi.

Cir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi is a book we have enjoyed over the years with our children.

Chuck and I were tempted to buy this Pi Day Once in a Century shirt for Hezekiah.

I know I would enjoy this  really cool Pi Pizza Cutter.

I am sure the man in your life (or math teacher)  could use a cool Pi Tie.


If you do celebrate Pi Day be sure to link in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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22 Responses

  1. Emily from NZ

    Awesome! I’m going to draw a Pi symbol on the whiteboard at work today and see if anyone notices. I found a really coo video explaining Pi too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ-HwrOpIps

  2. I thought I was the only one to come up with amazing party and/or homeschool ideas and then not follow through. It’s true though about the kids not being disappointed. My kids thought a half of canned pear with an apricot was a perfect turtle-shaped snack. I thought I was a failure because the pear “shell” had no design. But they were so pleased they inducted me into their Turtle Club!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yup. They really don’t care, they just want a fun day/moment/memory.

  3. Oh boy, you’re way ahead of me! We’re having turkey pot pie for dinner and I’m thawing out some of last summer’s blackberries for another pie. And we’re making a little tart-sized blackberry pie (with the pi symbol) for Wyatt to take his math teacher, who has been more of a blessing than he probably knows. (Wyatt LOVES his math class.)

    You know, if you write 3.14 and reflect it in the mirror, it spells “PIE” 😀


    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Go you! And I just discovered that little fact yesterday. So cool!

  4. That sounds wonderful! Pi has been one of the most frustrating yet wonderful parts of math for me. I had a Trig teacher 11th grade whose birth was on Pi day! I always told her it was written in her fate to be a math teacher. I absolutely love the idea of a party for math!

  5. birthday** Sorry!

  6. This sounds wonderfully fun :). That Apollo would only eat olives made me envious ;). My child would have only eaten the grapes…

  7. ‘Forget perfection. Just get the darn thing done’.
    Amen. Some things need perfection. Many things don’t. I am sorting through boxes of our family photos this week- 19 years and 10 children. What keeps going through my mind is, ‘Wow, I’m so glad we did that’ or ‘Shoot. I wish we had not forgone something just because we didn’t have the energy or were overwhelmed with life.’
    Children just want to live life with us. They don’t give a hoot about perfection.
    Good job making memories.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thank you for affirming this! It is a weakness of mine.

      • Peg in Seattle

        Renee, there’s a topic for your talk next week. Making memories.

  8. Bernadette

    This all sounds new and enticing to me as an aussie. We however celebrate 14th March for a different reason, it was mine and my husbands first date 21 years ago (very young 16 year olds.) Wow how time flies!!

  9. We started making pies and inviting friends over for pi(e) day about 10 years ago. It has grown to about 150 people or more, and this year I’m making 34 pies. It’s my oldest son’s (22) favorite day of the year! My two college girls are having their second pi(e) party tomorrow in their apartment, so the tradition lives on.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Wow! That sounds incredible, I wish I could be there.

  10. I celebrated Pi Day by running 2*pi miles. But I had to cut the run short due to an inch of new snow over ice — I fell 3.14159 times. So I’ll make up for it by eating some pie… or at least salted caramel ice cream 🙂

  11. I love your Pi day inspiration – so many cool things! I have to check out your Pi board on Pinterest – how cool!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  12. This year is EXTRA awesome, because March 14 will be 3/14/15! This is as pie-y as it gets in our lifetime! I’m having a great big party, me and all my baking friends are making pies, other guests can bring pie they bought, or whatever they like!

  13. My Mom makes us pie for Pi Day! Thinking I’ll do 3.14 on the elictipal to celebrate!

  14. I am having a party—I invited people at the last minute, so who knows who will come. But I intend to have fun. We will be drawing circles, measuring circumferences, memorizing pi with poems, and making pi bracelets. Not to mention watching some pi videos.

    Here’s my website:

    Have fun!

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