Portrait of a six-year-old boy.

Portrait of a Six-Year-Old Boy

Apollo just lost his second tooth. Twice.

We were watching a movie the other day and suddenly he yelled, “I lost my tooth!”

We all oooohed and awwwed as is appropriate for a little boy who just lost his tooth. We went back to mindless entertainment when he cried out, “I lost my tooth… in the couch!”

There was more grief and less jubilation this time. But he quickly recovered.
Portrait of a six-year-old boy.My 2017 Photo a Day 265 Project (week 3) Portrait of a six-year-old boy. Portrait of a six-year-old boy.

And now that you have looked at cute photos, I can tell you about my day.

Murphy came to visit. Murphy as in, Murphy’s Law.

It started great. I got up at six am and settled in to check email and sip coffee. That was pretty much the last good thing that happened.

Out of my three kids in junior high, one got on the bus, one missed the bus and one refused to get out of bed.

I had to take my 8th grader (who missed the bus) to school at 7:55, Tucker to choir practice at 8:15 and had a 504 meeting scheduled for 8:30. Apollo woke (in a puddle of pee…in my bed) just as I was leaving to take the 8th grader to school. He was not happy to see me leave. I put Tucker in charge of helping him dress and Kalina in charge of fixing him breakfast.

I returned home just in time to grab Tucker (and Apollo since he refused to be parted with me again) and drop off Tucker at choir and show up for the 504 meeting, Apollo in tow. While I was on time, the school nurse was not because she was running late.


As soon as the 504 meeting was over, I rushed home to pick up Kalina so she could help out with Momspot at church. After Momspot we went to the eye doctor so she could get her new frames. Only she didn’t have her glasses (with the lenses) in them, so we came home empty-handed.

Here at home, I got a call that Apollo shoved a kid at school and got throat punched in return.

And the day is only half over.

Wish me luck and send in reinforcements.

Murphy, pack your bags. It’s time for you to move on.

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8 thoughts on “Portrait of a Six-Year-Old Boy”

  1. Oh, my. I think of my three hell-raisers and then I multiply . . . you are strong. One of mine punched a kid (“He called me Hitler, Mom!” We’re living in Germany, incidentally) and the elderly crackpot teacher collared his seven-year-old sister to come and get me, ranting that he’d be expelled and there was “blood all over the stairs!” while the younger, much more professional teacher told the staff, in measured tones, that she’d seen the whole thing, that although indeed my son had punched the other kid, the other kid had provoked him, was not seriously injured, and there was no blood on the stairs . . . .

    1. Yes…I’m not too concerned about the shove or “throat punch” either way. Apollo came home just fine and it sounds like no one witnessed it. It was just a rough day for a six-year-old…and I had several other disasters going on at the same moment. Thanks for sharing your story…blood all over the stairs?!

  2. My oldest lost his second tooth a couple of weeks ago, then promptly left for a special afternoon with Daddy. He had set his tooth on the counter, which I promptly forgot. I then wiped it into the trash with a pile of pistachio shells, not even thinking about it…until later when my boy came home and asked about his tooth. I felt terrible and he bawled. We left a note for the tooth fairy and she came through anyway… Not my greatest mom-moment…

    1. I used to have my kids put their teeth in a glass of water (what we did as kids). About the third time I dumped a kid’s tooth down the sink while doing dishes, I decided to do away with that “tradition”. No tooth fairy here. I hand my kids a dollar and call it good.

  3. It’s funny to me that we do the tooth fairy (since we don’t do Santa or the Easter Bunny or any other things of that sort), but we don’t make a big deal of it. Basically, when he lost his first tooth, I suggested he put it under his pillow and see if he had anything special under his pillow in the morning. He was very skeptical, but then remembered One Morning in Maine by Robert Mccluskey (a favorite of ours), and said, “Oh, yeah, I can make a wish! I wish for…Chocolate Cake with White Icing!” He didn’t get his wish under his pillow, but he did have a special hot chocolate date with me the next day.

  4. The tooth fairy just arrived in Germany in recent years – it wasn’t a thing in the olden days when i was young. She doesn’t come here in our house though. Who is she anyways? Creeping on kids bedrooms stealing fallen out teeth?! What is she gonna do with them??? Build something? Creepy creature! And then leaving sweets so more teeth fall out? Not here!
    The kids were a bit sad since the creepyfairy visits friends, but they were easily appeased when i promised them 1€ per tooth.

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