Problems Parents of Tube-Fed Kids Have

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tube fed, tube fed toddler, g-tube, g-tube toddlerConversation between me and Apollo.

Apollo: Mom, I wish God didn’t give me a mouth.

Me: Really? Why?

Apollo: Because then I couldn’t say “shut up” or “idiot”.

Me: But Honey, if you didn’t have a mouth you wouldn’t be able to eat!

——awkward pause——-

Me: Well, I mean, you could eat…you just wouldn’t be able to taste yummy food.

Apollo: Yes I would! I would just stick it right here in my throat. 

I didn’t really feel like I could argue with that one. I mean, if we can stick food right in his stomach, why not his throat?

Problems Parents of Tube-Fed Kids Have #54

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  1. Control is important to Apollo–maybe there’s some way to help him feel like he’s controlling what he puts in his mouth. No wonder he needs to be in charge after his experiences. Loved the stories about toddlers and food. Wish I could think up some gimmick that would make him feel like putting food in his mouth and swallowing it.

  2. Judy Small

    Sweet boy! To be concerned about what he uses his mouth for, and aware of the naughty things it sometimes says…that’s impressive! Way to go, Apollo!

  3. Haha. That photo is fun, btw.

  4. Hey, at least he knows what’s he’s doing wrong with his mouth.

  5. My 6 month old is eating like a pro – I am still looking for ways to teach my 2 year old tubie that putting food in her mouth can be enjoyable! Tubies see the world differently!

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