Scout Sunday

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Our boys participated in Scout Sunday yesterday for the first time. They greeted people at the doors and passed out bulletins. Since I had all five (six including Chuck) Scouts in uniform, I decided it was time for new pictures. 

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Ezra (17) First Class Scout                         

 Boaz (15) Second Class Scout

20100228_1674 blog 20100228_1684 blog
Judah (12) First Class Scout                       

Enoch (10) Webelos Scout

20100228_1691 blog
Mordecai (7) Wolf

And speaking of scouts, I'm in charge of the craft and snack in Mordecai's Wolf Den today, so I'm off to start my week. 



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  1. joabair

    Those are good looking boys! They look so sharp in their uniforms. So they wore them to church? Is your church involved in boy scouts, I mean is that who they do scouts through? Adventists have pathfinders and I think its their version of scouts, and it is through the church. I am not adventist, but I was in pathfinders as a kid.

  2. Anna

    Say hi to all those Wolves for me and Ian! We miss our old pack. Our current one is much more…main stream. There is no comparison between my Tiger experience last year and my Tiger experience this year!

  3. Renee

    No, our church is not affiliated with Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts. We asked our pastor if the boys could wear their uniforms and help out. Unfortunately it didnt occur to us until we were in the van on the way to church that we should have talked to the other two Scouts who attend our church about joining our boys. Oh well, there is always next year!

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