Shocking News: Hezekiah Learns the Truth

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_MG_6700 Hezekiah

Hezekiah, age 4
This weekend I was showing Keziah some of the finer points of sending letters in the mail. She was stuffing an envelope with odds and ends for her little brothers, Hilton and Terry, who live in Michigan. I was explaining what the return address was for. I grabbed an envelope which had been returned to our house and said, “See, I sent this to Mordecai’s birth mom, but I put the wrong address on, so it came back to our house”.
Hezekiah was standing nearby and said:
“Mordecai’s adopted? I didn’t know we adopted Mordecai!”
I loved the “we”. There really was no “we” in adopting Mordecai, since Hezekiah wasn’t even born yet.
It was just so sweet.
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