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Tami and Hezekiah (5)

I have a circle of incredible friends. It's not a huge circle, but I value each friend in it. We support and encourage each other as moms, homeschoolers, and wives. 

Tami is one of those friends. Our Wednesday homeschool days started quite by accident. Her husband was working nights and she needed to vacate the house during the morning hours. She asked if she could come over one day and homeschool the little ones (her children are six and three) so she wouldn't interrupt our day. I agreed and stressed to my children that on this day, the S family was coming for "school" not to play (Everett is Mordecai's best friend). The day went wonderfully. Tami brought some math projects for the little ones, I continued school with my older children and after a lunch together, the children were free to play. Then the best part- Tami dropped my girls off at their Japanese lesson (only a block or so from Tami's house) so I just had to pick them up in the afternoon. A tradition was born!

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Yesterday Tami brought  this incredible collection of books and taught the children about "simple machines". 

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They built their cars (can you guess who this one belongs to?)

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Then experimented by racing them down the wedge. Do these kids look engaged in their learning?

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Some cars worked better than others.

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Isobel (3) coloring her car.

By lunch time the children could name a variety of machines (wedges, pulleys, axles, wheels, etc). 

And all was well, in our little homeschool.   

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  1. What a blessing that you have a group of homeschooling moms for support. I have tried to find other christian homeschooling moms around here… but, haven’t been successful.

  2. One can see it continues to come forward when it is
    the community dime to spend and community property to
    be taken.
    Sorry to hear you had such a painful experience. Glad you appear to be on the mend. Heal well and swiftly!!!

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