SoFabU on the Road {and other unmentionables}

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I wrote this post in exchange for a discount on my ticket to SoFab on the Road. Which is really cool, since I was planning to attend either way!SoFabU on the Road

SoFabU on the Road {and other unmentionables…that I will, of course, mention}

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, “I just don’t really want to watch other people pee today?” If you’re a mom, you’ve probably thought this more than once. I mean, watching people pee is more or less in the job description. I have potty-trained eleven children (isn’t there some kind of award for that???) so yeah, I’m used to watching my offspring pee. You know what I really don’t want to see? Grown Men peeing. On the side of the road. Next to my driveway.

Twice now, twice, I have spotted a man relieving himself on a tree in the driveway right next to ours. Now, we live in a wooded sorta-rural area. I get the sudden need to urinate (I’ve had nine babies, after all), especially if you are riding a bike through a rural road up a steep hill. I also truly believe (as I explained to one of my teens recently) the the ability to urinate outdoors and not make a mess is a true gift that males should never take for granted. 

You know what else males should never take for granted? That if they step a mere three feet off the road wearing a bright orange safety vest, they suddenly become invisible. Cause you know what? They don’t. Even if you stand, casually with a hand on your hip, you are still visible. And if I can actually see your stream of urine? You are way too close to the road. Got it?

I mean, we learned this lesson the awkward way a couple of years ago…

Speaking of of the road…

SoFabU on the road

Thankfully I have this blog to relieve myself of crazy stories like that one. I am so excited that next month (April 18th) I get to head to a SoFabU on the Road Conference in my favorite city, Seattle at the Crown Plaza. What is SoFabU, you ask? It is a mini-conference for bloggers where I get to listen to Andy Hayes the founder and creator of Plum Deluxe. A published author, prolific writer, tea lover, and public speaker, he is based in Portland, Oregon. Andy is known for his fresh ideas on living a good life.

(we’ll forgive him for the tea loving bit)

I also get to meet fellow bloggers, members of Social Fabric and Collective Bias (the company that sponsors some of the great content here, like my Candy Sushi Tutorial and  my Upcycling Old Clothes Tutorial). I will also get to meet with some great brands like Kraft, Johnny Rockets and more.

Whoo-hoo! A day away, in my favorite city, meeting with other bloggers. I can’t wait!


Have you ever peed on the side of the road? Attended a blogging conference? Spent the day in my favorite city? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Sadly the other day I peed outside a storage unit. I learned later that the office had a bathroom

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! You weren’t wearing a orange safety vest were you?


    Once when I was 9 months pregnant my husband had to talk me out of peeing in a giant flowerpot with a bush in it…there were other bushes around it…but still, I’m glad he did.

    This past T’giving on the road to visit family, we were in standstill traffic on the highway, and my 4 year old had to go NOW. We pulled onto the shoulder and I got out with him. It was dark, but of course we had a mile of cars behind us all with their lights on so it wasn’t *that* dark. My son had to go so badly that he couldn’t aim, and began spraying his legs and feet and screaming that he was getting wet. So I ended up picking him up by his chest and legs and holding him facing the ground so gravity took care of aiming for us. (Oh, and lest I forget I was balancing him on a pregnant belly-no idea why I didn’t make my husband get out and do this). He peed, and peed, and peed for so long I thought my arms were going to fall off, and before he was done, a cop pulled up behind us. He turned on a searchlight at us for about 3 seconds, and that must have been enough to get the situation, so went around us and sped off.

    In France they have unisex bathrooms some places and it’s pretty awkward having the first thing you see on opening the door be a guy using a urinal.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      My son and I were just laughing out loud at your story! Last summer I held Apollo over a field of tall grass while he pooped. EW. We have a few family bathrooms here, but not with urinals.

  3. Sorry, I don’t have anything exciting to add to the pee stories. But I did recently (if November is recent) spend the day in Seattle, which I love! Two places to recommend – the amazing library and its really amazing gift shop, and Penzey’s Spices! Have fun!

  4. When my daughter was about two, we took, on a five hour road trip, her favorite blue potty, which she proceeded to want to sit on every chance she got–we’d pull over and she’d proudly deposit herself on the potty–but rarely anything in it. The potty stops added another two hours .. . . .

  5. This past November we made a quick trip to Idaho for a memorial service for my step-dad. We left pretty late in the evening with the idea that everyone in the truck would sleep except the driver, my brother. My then 6-months pregnant daughter had other ideas. We had to stop about every 30 miles of a 450 mile trip. Even my youngest who we joke has a bladder the size of a pea can make it longer than that! This next trip will be when the baby is 3 months old. Wish me luck!

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