Solid Rock Family Camp 2009

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Here is this year's group of campers. Unfortunately, we didn't think to take a camp photo until just before everyone was leaving. Hence the dirty faces, exhausted children and missing camp shirts. But hey, we got a photo, and everyone's in it (thanks, dad).

We're still recovering over here, but we made it to church this morning anyway (second service). So instead of boring you with every detail, instead I'll bore you the "camp cheer" Hilary and I wrote in literally five minutes while the campers played a game of freeze tag.

Solid Rock Camp Cheer:

I don't know but I've been told
Solid Rock is solid gold.

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Packed my bag and packed my tent
off to Solid Rock I went.

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Washed my dishes, washed my tray,

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Snack Shack opens every day.

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Made some crafts and had some fun,
started to sweat out in the sun.

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Got no stitches or broken bones,
time to write a letter home.

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Around the campfire we did sing,
every team had a song to bring.

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Woke up early for eggs in a bag,
played a game of freeze tag.

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Time to invent and search the wood,
camping food is really good.

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Water fight in the afternoon,
come and grab a water balloon.

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Time for dinner and farewell, 
popsicles end it really well.

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13 thoughts on “Solid Rock Family Camp 2009”

  1. Looks like loads of fun! You guys are such great Mom’s for all the effort you put into these things for you kiddos.

  2. A new entry for the side bar;
    You know you have a large family when…half the kids at the summer camp are yours.

  3. Hi, Renee!!
    Camp looks like it was lots of fun. My boys have been waiting patiently for us to set up the tent in the backyard so the can “camp” out there and make hot dogs & s’mores. Hmmmm, maybe we can get the tent out TODAY…
    Anyway, I just tried a new recipe, and thought you might like it. ALL FOUR boys gobbled it right up. That doesn’t happy very often around here. [I don’t make special food for picky eaters, they either eat what’s offered, or they aren’t really hungry. 😉 ] This one, however, everybody came back for seconds & thirds!
    I happened to have cut-up fryer chickens ($0.65 a pound!!) in the freezer and pulled out a giant six-pounder for this recipe.
    If you try it, let me know how your crew likes it.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. So it may just be me, but there are a lot of photos of Mordecai with that same look on his face. It makes him just stunning, is that an okay word for a boy? I have to just stare at the pictures! And his ankles are often crossed so, and his shoulder up and slightly back. That with his expression makes you think you could just grab a lawn chair and kick back and relax with this kid! And I somehow think it makes him look like Ezra, same relaxed expression.
    Oh and camp looks fun too… your kids are all lovely Renee.

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