Spring Break by the Lake

Enjoying Spring Break Enjoying Spring Break

Our spring break got off to a bit of a rough start. Appointments filled the first two days and Mordecai is, of course, recovering from surgery. Yesterday, however, was appointment and drama free. Enjoying Spring Break

We did our morning work, ate lunch, then headed out to the lake. Despite the warm sunny weather and and it being spring break, the park was almost abandoned. I have no idea where everyone else was.Enjoying Spring BreakEnjoying Spring BreakMy kiddos spent hours playing in the sand, running to the lake and back and burying each other. No fighting. No drama. It was pure bliss.

Since I am no longer homeschooling this crew, I was able to enjoy the sun with no thoughts of missed lessons, getting “caught up” and deadlines. That in itself was was enough to flood me with peace. It was a good day.

Are you enjoying the spring? Spring break?

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8 thoughts on “Spring Break by the Lake”

  1. This looks so carefree and fun! We have been working the entire time but are taking the weekend to drive to Amsterdam, about two hours from here, and if you’re ever there, is crammed with child-friendly museums and churches of all varieties. Plus the Anne Frank house, the canals, the houseboats . . . .

  2. My kids lost most of their spring break, due to the many snow days this winter. They only got Good Friday off. We went to Elkins WV for the weekend to attend a friend’s daughter’s wedding. We drove out US 48, but came back on wv 55. US 48 has some really big hills, My GPS said we were at 3500+ ft above sea level. There were also lots of windmills. Our town is around 600 ft. WV 55 is a fun road, with areas where the road drops at a 8% or more grade for several miles. It was exciting going down those hills in my 15 passenger van. 🙂

  3. Our spring break was a few weeks ago. Unfortunately we were all raving sick that week, with my littlest getting pneumonia. I look forward to some “make up” time this summer.

  4. We went camping in the Olympic National Park a couple of weeks ago for our spring break. We had perfect weather. From there we could almost see you across the water. It was absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I’m guessing everybody was at the new park. Kaylee went to check it out with a friend and said it’s pretty fun but really busy. The rest of us haven’t been yet. Maybe when it warms up a little more and the baby can hold his head up a little better.

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