Stunning Girl {and some cute kids}

Stunning image of nine year old girl

Before Adalia got married, she brought home several garbage bags full of fabric from my mother-in-law. Some of it silky (think super hero capes) and some of it sheer. She never had time to sew with it so it sits here still in my house. While at PhotoLush earlier this year, I was inspired to pull some out and try it on Avi. Her slightly exotic look and natural beauty I knew would look fabulous wrapped up in a bit fabric. Stunning image of nine year old girl

Earlier this week the sun was shining though our trees and the weather was (almost) warm. In addition, Kalina had put some eye makeup on Avi (it is Spring Break after all). When I saw the light and Avi’s face, I knew our day had come.Stunning image of nine year old girl 

Avi was cooperative for about six minutes, but it was just enough time to get some images I really love. I think the first image  in this post is going up on our photo wall…

Stunning image of nine year old girl   Stunning image of nine year old girl Stunning image of nine year old girlI have a few other fun ideas for this fabric floating around my head (including a cool DIY project). In the meantime, I leave you with this pack of cuteness:




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