Adoption was always in the plan for building our large family. We adopted children 6 and 9 (both newborns exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero) and three teens from Liberia, West Africa. It has been a wild, rocky ride, but we feel very blessed with our large family.

Yarn Love

Tilly's yarn stash. One yarn-happy girl! Sock yarn for my very first pair of socks! Rainbow hat yarn. Yummy! Jubilee knitting…who knows what, but it's fun. This was the scene during our advent reading tonight. The winter knitting bug has hit once again. What's on your needles?   by

Mordecai’s First Day of School

Mordecai, age 9. Isn't he simply adorable?  For the reader who asked, yesterday was Mordecai's first day of school ever. The decision to put him in school came after much prayer, thought and discussion with his doctor. Mordecai was diagnosed with Static Encephelopathy Alcohol Exposed at age 2 1/2. In plain, brutal English, that means …

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