Yarn Love

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Tilly's yarn stash. One yarn-happy girl! Sock yarn for my very first pair of socks! Rainbow hat yarn. Yummy! Jubilee knitting…who knows what, but it's fun. This was the scene during our advent reading tonight. The winter knitting bug has … Continued

Fractured Root

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This little guy was my running partner yesterday. He was awesome! Except for the fact that he can out run me… Thursday afternoon I noticed one of my teeth felt a bit odd…I touched it with my tongue, then my … Continued

That Elusive Thing Called Sleep…

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Any and all improvements made in the night-time sleep department seem to have vanished. We saw a slight increase in night-time sleep when we switched to a high fat diet for Apollo…but slowly that has crumbled away until he is … Continued

Job Corps {Update}

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Keziah 19 Keziah came home for  visit this weekend. It was wonderful to have her joyous laughter in the house again. She and Adalia are quite the lively pair, let me tell you.  Keziah is currently working on her GED … Continued

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