Brown Eyed Boys

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We specialize in them over here. Um, would someone mind explaining to me how a person who once lived inside my body is now several inches taller than me? And a whole lot stronger? Aww…Judah at 17 months. See, he … Continued


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Like it or not, I'm mentally (if not physically) gearing up for the new school year. The weather is finally, finally nice, so this week is chock full of summer type activities. Like playing outside. Swimming. And picking blueberries. As … Continued

At the Lake

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Mordecai has a real flair for jumping off the swings! Yesterday we finally had another beautiful summer day. They’ve been few and far between this year, so we try to take advantage of every one. Hezekiah’s a wee bit more … Continued

My Tucker…

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is cuter than your Tucker! Sorry, with a face like this, I just couldn't resist. No offense if you happen to have your own Tucker at home. I'm sure he's very handsome as well! My  Tucker is 5 and a … Continued

Apollo and Baby K

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"Baby K" is Hilary's foster baby and Apollo's little buddy. Hilary brought Baby K home from the hosptial at 3 days old…she's now more than six months old. I have more adorable photos of Baby K's face but I'm not … Continued

Apollo XIV is Growing Up

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Look at those little teeth! He was so happy to be outside yesterday he was laughing and giggling at absolutely nothing. This picture was a complete fluke. I turned my camera toward him and he started laughing…and for Mr. Serious, … Continued

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