Merit Badge Extravaganza 2011

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Chuck took our three handsome Boy Scouts to the Merit Badge Extravaganza yesterday. This was Enoch's first year as a Boy Scout and first year to attend.  Judah took: Emergency Preparedness and Citizenship in the Community, and came home with … Continued

Baby T-Shirt Vest: Take Two

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This could be titled: how not to take a portrait of your baby…sit him in front of a hideously bright colored exersaucer…You will get the elusive: lopsided tooth photo you've been trying to capture for weeks…right in front of  a … Continued


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I've talk a lot here about how Chuck and I favor a few quality toys over tons of cheap toys.  Or tons of quality toys, for that matter. We have fewer toys in our whole house than most families with … Continued

Mealtimes With Apollo

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Always look like this… …and this… …and this. I have no idea why my baby boy cries at meals day after day. I've never had a baby do this before. He acts hungry, we sit him down to feed him, … Continued

Two Babies: Take Two

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Follow up to Monday's post: Blog reader Misty mentioned the fact that aperture isn't not the only thing that effects the depth of field, which is of course absolutely true. I chose to focus on that aspect yesterday because I … Continued

Wild Horses and the Girl Scouts

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And just what  has captured the interest of that line of children? Horses. Mustangs to be exact. Mustangs who are being gentled and trained.   Our Girl Scout troop traveled (half a mile down the road) to Mustang U, where … Continued

Snowy Thanksgiving

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Adalia (14) Even more snow fell on Thanksgiving day, and my children were determined to take advantage of every flake. Triple the fun. Tucker (5) Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Hence the dump-truck-turned-sled. Adalia (14) And sleds-turned-snowboards. Keziah … Continued

And Speaking of Amazing

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Six year old Hezekiah just finished reading The Maze of Bones, book 1 in the 39 Clues series. My older children have all been captivated by these books, eagerly awaiting each book as it came out. You may remember these … Continued

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