Adoption was always in the plan for building our large family. We adopted children 6 and 9 (both newborns exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero) and three teens from Liberia, West Africa. It has been a wild, rocky ride, but we feel very blessed with our large family.

Snowy Thanksgiving

Adalia (14) Even more snow fell on Thanksgiving day, and my children were determined to take advantage of every flake. Triple the fun. Tucker (5) Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Hence the dump-truck-turned-sled. Adalia (14) And sleds-turned-snowboards. Keziah (18) was content just to watch. Until I convinced her she had to try sledding. …

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Some times reality is hard. Really hard. I try to keep my blog upbeat and positive for several reasons. First of all, who wants to listen to whining? Especially from a stranger. And second of all, life is what it is. I try to retain some privacy for the sake of my children who live …

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