How to Talk to Your Doctor

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Post contains Amazon affiliate links to some very helpful books to teach your how to talk to your doctor. When Apollo was endlessly sick with his mysterious illness I read. A lot. I read about doctors, nurses, sick kids, and … Continued

Why Do People Blog?

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I had a great question from a  blog reader last week…she wondered: “So, a sincere question that is probably going to not come across as sincere, sorry. But, why do you (or anyone else for that matter) blog? Don’t get … Continued

BlogHer Pro ’14 {Day Zero}

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BlogHer Pro Day Zero because, you  know, the conference hasn’t actually started yet. I am writing from my hotel room in San Francisco. My bed is soft and warm and white. I shudder to even think about what would happen … Continued

BlogHer Pro ’14…I’m Going!!!

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Well, yesterday I managed grocery shopping, picking up Kylie and her kids from the airport and putting eight meals in the freezer (three lasagna, three ham and broccoli bakes and two batches of spicy red beans and sausage). Today I plan … Continued

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