Ezra’s New Do

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Ezra’s dreads are a officially a thing of the past! This young man has not had a hair cut since he arrived in the United States in October 2007. He got a job at Boy Scout camp, became a legal … Continued

Keziah Takes the Wheel

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It's official. Keziah (17) is enrolled in Driver's Ed. and has completed her first three classes. That little piece of paper in her hand? Yep, that's her temporary Driver's Permit. Yesterday after getter her permit, Chuck even let her behind … Continued

Back Home

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Tucker (4)  Ah, yes, I'm back home from my wonderful weekend. It was glorious and refreshing. Two days of not having to think about food. No meal plans, no cooking, no cleaning up, no checking up to make sure people … Continued

Adalia Gets Her Nano

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 Adalia (13) poses with her {purple} Nano I have been so proud of Adalia as I have watched her diligently saving for her dream item. Her very own ipod. We have made it clear to our children that while items … Continued

Technology and Our Children

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Aspiring photographer Tilly shoots aspiring theatrical performer, Kalina I had a great question from a reader yesterday which read like this: Hi, this isn't really related to your post, but I was checking out your kids' blog and I was … Continued


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That's how old Boaz turned yesterday. It's amazing how fast they grow up when you adopt them as teenagers. Boaz has an awesome sunny, happy personality. He has a smile that lights up a room as he  walks in. He's … Continued