How to Shoot in Manual

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Sweet, sweet Hezekiah. It’s been a while since I have done portraits of him. It seems no sooner do I finish up a photo wall, then my kids grow and change and it seems completely outdated. While I love summer and … Continued

Before and After Images

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I am absolutely in love with shooting wide open. For those of you not familiar with photo-talk, that means with a very small (in number) aperture. One way of saying it is that the the lower your f/stop (aperture) the … Continued

A Little Help, Please?

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  In less than two weeks I will be attending a local photography conference. One of the most fun parts of the conference is the Print Salon, where each photographer gets to show off one image. I asked for you … Continued

3 Photowall Ideas

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My favorite feature of our house is our large L-shaped living room. Two walls are covered with windows large windows the rest are adorned with photos. Photos are the *only* decoration on our walls, in fact. You might say I’m … Continued

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