Dramatic Black and Whites

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Apparently I went too long without blogging (nearly three days) because my sweet mother-in-law called to check on us! The truth is, last week was beyond busy. I had appointments/places to be every single day and we had something going … Continued

A Slob Comes Clean….

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That's the name of my new favorite blog (along with You Can't Call It "It" and Crappy Pictures, of course). I'm on a blog-discovering roll lately, it seems.  I posted over on Facebook recently that I'm getting rid of a … Continued

Instagram Love

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My brother Dave and his family visited us recently…not only did he get me hooked on Words With Friends…but he also introduced me to Instagram. And I'm having way too much fun with it. {My user name is littleearthling…bakersdozen was … Continued

Shooting the Photog

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Just the other day we got a little glimpse of spring…it was almost, well, warm outside. So out I went with my camera, only to discover another photographer in my woods… So I shot her. And she shot me. Though … Continued

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