A Little Help, Please?

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  In less than two weeks I will be attending a local photography conference. One of the most fun parts of the conference is the Print Salon, where each photographer gets to show off one image. I asked for you … Continued

3 Photowall Ideas

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My favorite feature of our house is our large L-shaped living room. Two walls are covered with windows large windows the rest are adorned with photos. Photos are the *only* decoration on our walls, in fact. You might say I’m … Continued

Dramatic Black and Whites

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Apparently I went too long without blogging (nearly three days) because my sweet mother-in-law called to check on us! The truth is, last week was beyond busy. I had appointments/places to be every single day and we had something going … Continued

A Slob Comes Clean….

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That's the name of my new favorite blog (along with You Can't Call It "It" and Crappy Pictures, of course). I'm on a blog-discovering roll lately, it seems.  I posted over on Facebook recently that I'm getting rid of a … Continued