Instagram Love

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My brother Dave and his family visited us recently…not only did he get me hooked on Words With Friends…but he also introduced me to Instagram. And I'm having way too much fun with it. {My user name is littleearthling…bakersdozen was … Continued

Shooting the Photog

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Just the other day we got a little glimpse of spring…it was almost, well, warm outside. So out I went with my camera, only to discover another photographer in my woods… So I shot her. And she shot me. Though … Continued

Apollo XIV is Growing Up

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Look at those little teeth! He was so happy to be outside yesterday he was laughing and giggling at absolutely nothing. This picture was a complete fluke. I turned my camera toward him and he started laughing…and for Mr. Serious, … Continued

Baby T-Shirt Vest: Take Two

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This could be titled: how not to take a portrait of your baby…sit him in front of a hideously bright colored exersaucer…You will get the elusive: lopsided tooth photo you've been trying to capture for weeks…right in front of  a … Continued

A Little Q&A

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Apollo, 8 months old This is my new favorite photo of my favorite baby. It captures his personality so well. Mr. Serious…Mr. Thinker…Wearing one of the  many, many hats I’ve knit for him.  *sigh* But I’m not going to blog … Continued

Distance From Subject

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A while back I posted about aperture, and why it matters. Many, many amateur photographers and mom-tographers, want desperately to know how to get that cool "blurry background". There are many things that affect the depth of field in a … Continued

Aperture and Why it Matters

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I'm a completely self-taught photographer. By that I mean, I have never taken a photography class or gone to school for photography. Everything I have learned has come from books, other photographers and practice. Because of that my explanation of … Continued

That Sleepy Feeling

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This is what Apollo looks like just as he drifts off to sleep. I couldn't resist trying to capture his pouty lips and drooly chin.  *sigh* Well, I'm off to get things ready for the newborn I'm shooting  this morning. … Continued