Eagle Scout Enoch

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Encoh was our first baby born in Washington. I gave birth to him at 11:30 pm in our living room after a 30-hour labor. We were both exhausted. We got cleaned up and I took my brand new whopping baby … Continued

Cub Scout Photos

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All I asked for was a picture of my boys in their Cub Scout uniforms….I whipped out my phone this is what happened. *sigh* And just for the record, Tucker does *not* wear his pants like that. That was for … Continued

Bowling with the Cub Scouts

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Yesterday I had the joy of taking Hezekiah (7) and Tucker (6) bowling with our Wolf Den. Strictly speaking, Tucker shouldn’t be there…he’s not a Scout yet, but I’ve been taking him along all year…I’m the unofficial (but desperately needed) … Continued

Scout Sunday

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 Our boys participated in Scout Sunday yesterday for the first time. They greeted people at the doors and passed out bulletins. Since I had all five (six including Chuck) Scouts in uniform, I decided it was time for new pictures.  … Continued

Arrow of Light {Webelos}

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Chuck and Boaz (14) Thursday night our three oldest boys were awarded the highest honor they could receive in Cub Scouts, the Webelos Arrow of Light. This award means that in addition to achieving their Webelos rank, they also completed … Continued