Thanksgiving 2011

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We eat very few proccessed foods in our house, but these Orange Sweet Rolls are a hold over from my childhood memories. My paternal grandmother wasn't a baker and I remember having these when me and my brothers spent the night at her house. We (I use that term loosely since several of us can't eat these) have these twice a year- Thanksgiving and Christmas morning. 

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Avi and Tucker did the honors.

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It's so much fun to see these two- our Formerly Youngest Children, able to help out. They felt so proud.


This year was the ulimate in casual dining. My mom got sick on Thanksgiving morning and ended  up in the ER (just an infection- she's on antibiotics and doing well). 

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I fully intended to document our day on my camera. But once again I was reminded it is nearly impossible to be: mom, cook, hostess and photographer at the same time. Especially when I had to leave to go get the rest of dinner from my parents house. This task took an hour, the hour I would have spent preparing lunch. So we got a late start.

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Judah did a spectacular job getting the kitchen spotless after breakfast so we had plenty of room to work.

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Tilly laid out a beautiful tray of pickles and olives.

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There was a pile of little boys on the couch.

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Tilly baked two blueberry pies.

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Hilary came over and we played Scrabble.

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And Judah baked two apple pies.

This was probably the best most relaxing Thanksgiving we've ever had. Our houseful of children are growing up and things are getting easier and more pleasant. No more worries about toddler meltdowns and naps. 

Life is good.



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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011”

  1. Seeing photos of your older children baking and cooking is so inspiring as we have 6 children in 8 years and are very much in the throes of nap times and squeezing lessons into baby quiet times:) Encouraging stuff!!!

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