The Shelter

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Have your children ever built a bomb shelter  in your backyard?

Hmm…I kinda didn't think so.

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We actually had several in our backyard, but the others were *ahem* dismantled by the "little kids" before I had a chance to photograph them.

This particular bomb shelter was built by Ezra and Boaz. It actually had bowed branches as a support system and is covered in grass. 

I'm pretty sure no planes could sight this baby from the sky (although I'm not so sure about the structural strength of dried grass were a nearby area to be bombed).

As you can see, we're still studying WWII over here. Can you believe I'm mean enough to make my children "do school" in the summer? Someone ought to report me.

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It's always fun to see the photos and moments the other moms captured. 

And no, we didn't just have a megaphone sitting around, Tami had the foresight to rent it for the weekend. Probably the best investment we made this summer.
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  1. LOL I have to raise my hand…mean mom here too. My youngest (11) is homeschooled and the other 2 are in public school. But my high school daughter is making up a failed English class online, and my middle one never stops learning, so it just comes naturally to us.

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