{Originally posted September 2010}

What better way to kick off our new school year but with a homeschool party? Our basis was this: dress as a homeschool stereotype. What do people think of “us”? How are we perceived? Thankfully, I have awesomely creative friends. Friends who are up for any kind of crazy challenge.

So I introduce to you:

20100902_5885  blog
 Lazy homeschoolers who stay in their pajamas all day.

20100902_5882 blog
Sipping coffee…

20100902_5881 blog
…and playing video games.

Then we have:

20100903_5811 blog

With her perfect son and angelic daughter! And do you see her to-do list? Everything is checked off…even her  work for tomorrow!

20100903_5853 blog
And of course, the all natural, crunchy homeschool mom. 

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes when I saw Hilary. If you don’t know her in real life let me just tell you…she does not look like this. But boy did she look the part!

Next is:

20100903_5842 blog

…the super-smart child-genius.

20100902_5872 blog

As for me, I knew with 14 children there was only one stereotype I could pull off…

20100903_5826 blog

 the large-Christian-we-do-everything-from-scratch-family.

We played some games (guess the famous homeschooler, spelling bee, homeschool mad libs) ate lunch, and generally had fun and laughed at each other.

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