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Ideas for hosting an unforgettable Narnia party.

My husband I both grew up reading C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. They were favorite for both of us. We love passing on our love of reading to our kids. We have worn though several copies of all the Narnia books over the years. Our kids loved the Narnia movie, so the we were excited to surprise them with a Narnia party!
You can make this as simple or complicated as you want. I chose to sew the boys knight costumes using this pattern.
You can also purchase this cute Knight Tunic from Amazon
Or this cute knight costume from Easy.
Amazon also has a large selection of medieval dresses for girls.
Apple Green Cottage has a great no sew medieval knight costume.
costumes for narnia party
Felt banners (here is a great tutorial from Live. Craft. Love). 
Old maps.
Snowflakes (you can easily make these yourself).
Turkish Delight. You can’t possibly have a Narnia party without this! You can either make it yourself or order it online.
 Sticky Chicken drumsticks.
Narnia_3735 blog
Narnia_3737 blog
Shoot Susans Bow
All of the kids had a chance to shoot Susan’s bow and arrow at candy filled balloons. Pop a balloon and get the candy! Judah did a great job supervising this and helping the younger children. I love this shot of Hezekiah, with the princesses watching him in the background.
Make a snow globe with the lamppost (here is a tutorial from The Green Dragonfly). Add a fewmedieval figures and you are set!
Narnia_3750 blog
Also during the afternoon all boys painted the shields Chuck and Boaz made and the girls made beaded necklaces.
Narnia_3760 blog
Adalia, 13
All in all, a wonderful fun filled day.
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