…the party.

The long and short of it:

My older children read the book.
They loved it.
They begged me to read it aloud.
I did.
We loved it.
We gave out copy of the book to Hilary.
We begged her to read it to her children.
She did.
They loved it.
We saw there was a movie coming out.
We rented it.
We planned an afternoon matinee.

IMG_3155_2658 blog

Complete with adorable boys.


And spools of red thread.

IMG_3151_2654 blog

Strawberry mice.

IMG_3153_2656 blog

And pretzel mice.

Sourdough bread and potato soup with big chunks of ham.


Another successful party, brought to you by Hilary and Renee.

Oh, and the movie? Not so great…didn’t follow the book at all. But it did lead to some great conversations and comparisons. Lots of  questions about why screenwriters change things, how seeing the characters alters you perception of characters. How certain depth is sometimes lost in turning a book into a movie.

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