Things That Happen When Your Husband Works 80 Hours a Week

5 things that happen when your husband works 80 hours per week

1. Online shopping

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You might think you’d get rich quick with your husband working that much overtime. Instead, I find my self going on wild Amazon shopping sprees buying things like: new socks for all the kids! Underwear! Pull-Ups!  My favorite Tom’s of Maine fennel toothpaste! It’s getting wild over here, my friends. Even crazier? I’ve been tossing all mate-less socks. Take that, you  sock-eating, ego-sucking dryer monster.


2. You occasionally  forget you have a husband

You attend so many events with out him and make plans without him so often, you forget that sometimes he might be able to go somewhere with you. More than once I’ve been startled when he walked through the door or called. I have been doing 100% of kid and house duty, and there have been times that  I’ve literally forgotten he comes home at night. 



3. Most of you conversations take place under the covers in the dark of night

That might sound romantic, but really its just because you are so tired, it’s not unusual to be in bed before he comes home from work. So we try to discuss discipline issues, bills and doctor’s appointments while we are both half asleep. Not the most efficient way of running a family, but we’re surviving. 


4. Dinner becomes questionable.

You might fix an amazing dinner of lasagna, garlic bread and Caesar salad…or you might tell the kids to make PBJ’s and popcorn. It’s a toss-up every night about which will happen. It’s like a daily surprise. Or playing the lottery. Or something like that.

 5. You leave notes around the house for each other.

Maybe years ago you left love notes for your sweetie to find. Now its notes like “don’t forget to pay the phone bill” or “who is picking Enoch up from  Scouts?” or “can you pick up coffee?” If you’re feeling especially romantic, you can even sign it with a little heart.


You come to appreciate your hard-working husband even more and are  thankful you aren’t working the hours he is.


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6 thoughts on “Things That Happen When Your Husband Works 80 Hours a Week”

  1. Mu spouse works those kinds of hours too, and I find it exhausting with just two! No wonder you are tired. is a lifesaver, especially in the winter when leaving the house is a major ordeal. I also like to believe it saves money since there is less eye candy to see on shelves.

  2. Love this post — Yes to all 5 points at out house too! My husband is a package delivery guy for UPS and is gone 70+ hrs a week (He delivers a LOT of Amazon packages! LOL) For years I’ve been going to our children’s IEP meetings and Parent Nights alone. One year, an IEP happened to fall on one of his vacation weeks, so he went with me to the meeting. The IEP team stared at him in shock… for some reason they didn’t know there was a Mr. to my Mrs. LOL They thought I was divorced because in all the years they knew me and the 6 kids, they had never seen my better half — the kids talked about “Dad” but the school staff just assumed that mom and dad lived separately.

  3. I have 2 theories about the missing socks.
    1. There is a parallel universe somewhere and someone else is on the other side of the dryer wondering what happened to all the socks.

    2. Dryer lint is the cremated remains of missing socks.

  4. hahaha…this is how we roll right now too (but only 2 kids which I can manage to get from point a to point b myself). I want to triple like your bonus comment. Amen to that one!

  5. I agree with #2. I schedule all things since I am the one running children different places. When the hubs is done with work early and can help, I consider it a “perk” and always a nice surprise.

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