Third Grade Writing

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Hezekiah, age 8

Hezekiah recently came home from third grade with a stack of school papers. I always enjoy looking at my children’s school work. It is fun to see what they are doing with their hours away from me. Here a few excerpts from Hezekiah’s recent work:

When asked to write a paragraph and “let your feelings come through” Hezekiah wrote this:

“I’m pretty good at spelling. You know, I’m just that kind of guy. Spelling is very important. Correct spelling is one of the essentials for writing”

Oh, that kid cracks me up.


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5 thoughts on “Third Grade Writing”

  1. Hee hee. I remember a friend, a writer, who, when in the third grade, was instructed to write about the weather. He nearly got into trouble when he read his piece out loud–his accent happens to be Southern–because this is what he wrote:
    “It rained like hail.”

  2. this is awesome! When my little sister Katya was still learning English, she was told to write how she felt at the time and she said “Katya is like one hundred bananas!” One hundred was the largest number she could count to and her favorite fruit was bananas so the only way she could express in English how happy she was was to use the greatest English number she knew and her favorite fruit.

    1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Funny. To my husband that would be an insult! He thinks bananas themselves are offensive 😉

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