This is seven.

This is Seven {Apollo}

This is seven.This is seven. Apollo's in Target's Cat and Jack shirt.

Apollo is in love with this shirt from Target’s Cat and Jack collection. He wore it to his friend’s birthday party which was perfect since it was airplane themed. This is seven

This is seven

Early morning yawns. He has been sleeping all night lately. Let’s hope it lasts! Not having to wake older siblings up for school means he is sleeping later too.This is seven This is seven. Apollo and Hezekiah.

Proof that you are never too old to curl up with your big brother.

Seven for Apollo means

-collecting rocks

-building with LEGO

-reading independently

-snuggling at bedtime

-making friends

– successfully attending VBS…by himself.

-trying new foods

This is seven.

Seven is fun.


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