My 2017 Photo a Day 265 Project (week 3)

365 Project {Week 3}

Whoo hoo! I just finished week three of my 365 Project! I am so excited for this project. I am taking a whole lot of mediocre snapshots, but I am back to documenting our life together.

Maybe that should be the name of my 365 Project….Documenting Family Life, One Bad Snapshot at a Time. But I am also getting some photos I love. So here it is, 365 Project Week 3.My 2017 Photo a Day 265 Project (week 3)

Day 15/365

ISO 1250, SS 1/125, AP 4.0

Kalina made the most amazing brownies! Or at least I assume they are…I didn’t actually try them (thanks, Jenny Craig*) but I did get smell them and watch my family devour them. I hope to have the recipe up later this week!

*I’m down 6 pounds and feeling good!

My 2017 Photo a Day 265 Project (week 3)

Day 16/365

ISO: 1600, SS1/125, AP 2.0

I got to hang out with this gorgeous baby…oh, and my friends Sarah and Hilary. It was awesome.

My 2017 Photo a Day 265 Project (week 3)

Day 17: My PNW Girl

ISO 200, SS 1/125, AP 1.4

I was doing some experimenting using the Brenzier method. So far, not impressed but I plan to try again at a different location.

My 2017 Photo a Day 265 Project (week 3)

Day 18/365

ISO 800, 1/125, AP1.8

I was trying the Brenzier method again, but this photo (taken without Brenzier) ended up being one of my favorites. Jubilee has always learned toward serious and brooding…despite her JOYFUL! name.

My 2017 Photo a Day 265 Project (week 3)

Day 19/365

ISO 2000, SS 1/125, AP 3.2

If we are talking about serious, it is this guy. Hezekiah was born as a 40-year-old man. He is a deep thinker and really, really smart. He is getting over 100% in his advanced math class. He’s gonna do big things in life…

My 2017 Photo a Day 265 Project (week 3)


ISO 2000, SS 1/125, AP 4.0

Apollo’s TinySuperhero Mission. I’ll blog more about this later.

My 2017 Photo a Day 265 Project (week 3)


ISO 1250, SS 1/200, AP 2.8

A favorite photo from this week’s newborn session.


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2 thoughts on “365 Project {Week 3}”

  1. Jubilee looks so much like you! And I kind of love how she doesn’t quite match her name ;). When under dental sedation a snarky dentist asked me why I’d “named my daughter THAT (Kestrel)”. ” I want her to catch mice with her feet,” I snapped back. He just worked on my teeth after that….and thankfully she doesn’t catch mice with her feet.

    1. I actually have several posts here on things I’ve said to my dentist while on drugs…my filter disappears entirely. And I agree, I love that Jubilee is her own, beautiful soul….even if she doesn’t fit her bubbly name ๐Ÿ™‚

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