5 Things I Love about Parenting Teens

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Going on a family hike. Cheap, fun, healthy entertainment!

I am no expert on raising teens, great or otherwise. But I do have plenty of experience. Aside from our three Liberian children who are all grown up, I currently have four teens in our home: Adalia (17), Judah (15), Tilly (14) and Enoch (13).

Five things I love about parenting teens:

1. You can interact on a nearly adult level.

I have been surprised to discover I really enjoy watching movies with my teens after the little ones are in bed. Spy movies? Yes! Dramas? Yes! So many fun movies….and so much more enjoyable to watch as a group. And to discuss later. It is also fun to share political humor and have spiritual discussions.061613_5849 blog

2. Sharing my favorite books.

Having teens is like having a built-in book club. Enjoy a really great book? Now I get to pass it along to one of my teens and see what they think. And they can make suggestions to me. Our house always has a plethora of library books to choose from.061613_5888 blog

3. They can keep up out walk me on any hike, swimming or sport.

Gone are the days when I have to throw a ball to a preschooler who has more of  a chance of being elected the first four-year old president than catching the ball and throwing it back. And you can play fun games with them. No more hours of CandyLand, Sorry or Go Fish.

4. Seeing them grow and mature

I can’t tell you  the number of times I worried and wondered if Adalia would ever be a civilized human. She was adorable, precocious and what some people call spirited. Of course other, more old-fashioned people prefered to call her stubborn and domineering. Now she is a beautiful, kind, intelligent and thoughtful seventeen year old.

5. They are genuinely helpful.

Ask a two or three (or four, five or six) year old to “help” and the results are dubious. My teens can: mow the lawn, clean the van, cook dinner and do any household chores.

Yes, I am loving these years of parenting teens. How about you, what is your favorite part of raising teens?

{This Friday with be Parent Fail Friday. Please be ready to share stories! You can either blog about and put a link in the comments or just share your story in the comments.}

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17 thoughts on “5 Things I Love about Parenting Teens”

  1. Warms my heart! You keep my heart happy to reach these years here. With no teens in the house, these have been the things *I* am most looking forward to. It is nice to know my dreams of these days aren’t far-fetched!

  2. I’m starting to see these things happen in our home. I don’t have a teen yet, but I’ll have my first one in August and others will follow very quickly (I have an 11yo and 10yo…and on down the line). I’m so excited for these coming years. I love hearing of other families enjoying the teen years as I know is possible and as God intended, it is so encouraging.

    1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks for the comment. Weird, I just found your blog LAST NIGHT when I was looking for more large family blogs to read.

  3. “I can’t tell you the number of times I worried and wondered if Adalia would ever be a civilized human.” Lol, uh thanks????? 😛 I suppose I should be glad for the last sentence of that paragraph…

  4. I love reading these posts from other families who are enjoying and looking forward to the teen years. We are loving having teens in the house and cringe every time we hear the constant lament from other folks about how horrid and awful teenagers can be to live with. It often makes me wonder how their teenagers feel constantly hearing the complaints.

    1. My 10 yr old is scared to be a teenager, after everyone’s comments about how bad teens are. I assured him it was a choice to be so cranky!

      1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

        That’s almost funny…that he’s scared to be a teen. Plug him in with some really great teens! Tell him to start a new AwesomeTeen trend 🙂

  5. I’ve been following your blog for about 3 years or so, but I’ve never left a comment. However, I LOVED this post! I have two children, a 3 year-old and a 20 month-old, and I get so frustrated when people make comments like, “Just wait til they’re teenagers!” It is my prayer that by the time they are teenagers, they will truly love the Lord and want to serve Him and other people. I don’t feel like I’m doing a great job and with toddlers, the fruits of my labor are so few and far-between. So negative comments about the teen years are the ultimate discouragement to me. This post was SO encouraging. Thank you!

      1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

        Years ago I read something (this is going to be a mis-quote) to the effect of, “Why follow the crowd that expects teens to be surly, rebellious and hard to live with? Find someone with teens you love and talk to them, find out what they are doing”. Thankfully the church we attended for ten years was full of wonderful teens…at that is what my children have seen as examples…

  6. I totally agree with you. I have 3 teens in the house right now. Having babies and toddlers is wonderful but so much work! Now I have people around who can actually help me. They can babysit, and drive, and run errands, and drop people off, and pick people up, and start and complete tasks all on their own. It’s great. And, I’m so enjoying watching them develop their own interests, and form relationships, and make plans for themselves. They’re turning out to be such great people.

  7. I only have one teen right now (13 yo boy) but I love it too. I love talking with him. I love watching him play with the babies. I love it that he can reach tons of things that I cannot. Running to the store and babysitting are huge helps as well. I am looking forward to the teen years. Why do people complain about this time?

  8. I love having someone I can shop with. Who has decent judgement on clothing I want to try on/buy. Someone who is interested in learning and doing crafts with me and I definitely agree on the more adult conversation front! I have a 14 year old girl…and she’s awesome!

  9. So glad you shared this with your readers! I have two teens with two more to go and I LOVE parenting them! They bring so much joy to my life and it hurts my heart to hear people talk about the horrible teen years. It doesn’t have to be like that… you are living proof! Way to go!

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