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Keziah called this morning to say she was in Bellingham with a friend and asked if she could stop by for a visit. Of course! It was so great to see her (and meet her friends). She looks great. Apollo went right to her and played with her hair- something he’s loved to do since he was a tiny baby. He kept saying “Ziah, Ziah” his name for her. I was so happy to see he remembered her. It’s so hard to know what baby’s understand at this age.

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Poor Keziah was practically mauled by the little kids who were so happy to see her.

So here it is, Friday and I sit waiting, waiting for the doctor to call…knowing he probably won’t. Wondering if he’s gotten a hold of the pulmonologist. Wondering if Apollo is scheduled for an MRI yet.

The MRI is something I’m dreading. It will require a general anethestic again, which means hours of no eating or nursing and two hour drive to Seattle. If you’ve ever had a child or toddler have surgery, you know how difficult it is for them to come out of the anesthetic.

Since we’re in the midst of the holidays, the offices will be closed on Monday, so I will have to wait until Tuesday to call…and say what? I haven’t decided yet. I will call, but I’m not sure what it is I’m asking or saying. Getting past the receptionists is like sneaking into the White House to the use the bathroom. You’d think I was asking to talk to Mr. President himself when I want to leave a message for my doctor.

Apollo’s breathing is no different from before. Surprise, surprise….and so we wait…

{I am working my way through the emails and comments many of you have left. Thank you so much for your input and have patience with me while I get caught up!}

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