A Day Off

Today I took the day off. Well, if you consider: homeschooling before breakfast, taking six kids to Wal-Mart, making a return at REI and then heading off to the lake for the afternoon “a day off”.

Which clearly I do.

And that’s kind of pathetic.

Then I came home and finished up Wyatt’s newborn gallery. Here’s just one shot of him with his adoring mama.

You can see the rest of them on my Little Earthling Photography site. I haven’t quite finished up his birth photos, which is unheard of for me…except between the wedding and having guests in our house, my editing time has been limited. I decided to spare Jason the trauma of watching me edit birth photos. You’re welcome.

I’ve also either got a cold or the worst case of allergies ever. Either way, it’s driving me crazy. And making me miserable.

And speaking of being crazy and miserable.

Apollo has (yet another) sleep study scheduled for May 29. In case you don’t know, a sleep study is where the doctors hook up dozens of wires to your head, chest, arms and legs then tell you to “go to sleep”. Oh, and please stay on your back, because the monitors work better that way. They track your heart rate, O2 levels, movements, brainwaves, etc all night long then they wake you up at six am and tell you to go home. I hate sleep studies, because who could possibly have a “typical” night’s sleep under those conditions?

Not me and not Apollo.

The only thing worse than suffering through a sleep study with a toddler is suffering through a Sleep Deprived EEG.



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7 thoughts on “A Day Off”

  1. We have a 24 hour video EEG scheduled for June 9th. That means arriving at the hospital in Seattle at 8:00am, getting hooked up to all the wires and leads. Then being confined to the bed with a few trips to the bathroom (accompanied by all the leads and a pack) for 24 hours including sleep while being video monitored. We don’t have to be sleep deprived for this one though since they are trying to get normal brain waves and actually trying not to catch a seizure!

  2. Ellen Nuechterlein

    A thought crossed my mind re: sleep study difficulties. When Joel was an infant, I found him so deeply asleep that I thought he had quit breathing. They hooked him up to a portable apnea monitor for a certain period of time (can’t remember what that was). Any way they would consider doing something like that? Seems at least worth a try, since you already know how immensely difficult ‘traditional’ sleep studies are for Apollo!

  3. You probably have seasonal allergies, even if you’ve never had them before sometimes as we get older our bodies react negatively to an irritant that it tolerated before – I only have them some years, and this year seems worse. Get some OTC 24 hr allergy tablets and see if they help – if they cure your cold, then you know to keep taking them for a few weeks until whatever’s blooming is done!

  4. Nancy from Mass

    I have had 3 sleep studies…and i hardly slept in any of them. I have also had multiple sleep deprived eeg’s. I told my neuro i never wanted another one – they are horrible! I can only imagine how a child feels with any of them 🙁

    try a tablespoon of local honey each day (if you are suffering from allergies). the local honey helps to build your immunity for the allergens in the area. you can’t use grocery store honey because there are different allergens in different places and they typically blend the honey from all over. i take honey and give it to my teen during the spring. if the allergy season is really bad, i also give him zyrtec, but usually, the honey works well.

  5. hope u can catch up on your sleep, will keep you and your family in my prayers, for strength and , in His name Amen.

  6. Oh gosh, and I bet you get one of those fabulous fold-out chair-bed instruments of torture. We’ll be down at Children’s the morning of the 29th, but I’m assuming you’re coming for the night… my prayers go with you.


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